Erstwilder x Pete Cromer

Erstwilder sure is known for their unique pieces, and this might be the most quirky and fun collection to date! Just in time for Christmas (and Southern Hemisphere summer) they’ve teamed up with beloved Australian artist Pete Cromer to create a range chock full with Aussie wildlife. Each piece is a visual delight, with Pete’s signature style of adding pops of colour really coming through. Keep reading to find out my faves!

The Earnest Echidna

Even amongst this all-star collection, the Earnest Echidna was the first to catch my eye. The layered design of his spikes is such a fun idea and I love all the colours showcased, especially the yellow! Echidnas are such individuals – they have the beak of a bird, the pouch of a kangaroo, the spines of a porcupine, and they lay eggs like a reptile. All those features combine to create one charming critter!

The Gabby Galah

The Galah was one of the first Erstwilder brooches I got, it’s just such a cool bird! I adore Pete’s take on the classic pink parrot, mixing all shades of pink with turquoise and purple splashes. The glitter in its crest is a surprise addition I appreciate too! Galahs roam about in flocks, some up to 1000-strong – can you imagine the sound of all that chattering?

The Rowdy Rosella

The bright primary colours of the Rowdy Rosella make an instant statement! Using both textured and bubble resins, this cheeky chap sure does look majestic. He’s a lot quieter in brooch form than the real thing too! They might do quite a bit of squawking, but rosellas are great to have around your garden because they’ll help to pollinate the flowers they drink nectar from. The rosella has also been sitting in the Arnott’s biscuit logo for over 100 years!

The Kindhearted Koala

The Kindhearted Koala is tired out from being so adorable and has settled in for a nap! A pastel princess, this cutie has been crafted using soft grey, pink, and blue resins. And she’s snuggling so hard! There are sadly only 2,000 – 8,000 koalas left in the wild, and their numbers keep dropping as tragic events like bushfires deplete their habitat. But if you bought a Kindhearted Koala from this collection then $5 of your purchase has gone to the Port Macquarie koala hospital, which is making a difference in the lives of these fuzzy creatures.

Thank you so much to the hard-working Erstwilder team for allowing me to be a part of such a stunning release, and thank you to Pete for his amazing designs! This collection has been super popular, so remember to check with your local stockists (or Pete’s website) when hunting for pieces. And thank you as always to @cmjsnz for snapping these pics! What do you think of this collection? Did you purchase any pieces this time around? Let me know in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday



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