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Cropped cardigans│Mak Sweater

When I first started dressing in vintage/pin-up style what I really struggled to find was a cardigan to best compliment my look. This kind of fashion is all about showing off your waist, and how are you meant to achieve that when you’re swamped by a cardigan that finishes around your hips? Luckily, Mak Sweater came to the rescue!  Continue reading “Cropped cardigans│Mak Sweater”


Alabama dress│Stop Staring!

Wearing a form-fitting dress is always daunting for me; I’m so used to wearing poofy skirts everyday that it feels so different! Any weight gain I have always goes straight to my lower tummy so it’s something I feel self-conscious about and I will shy away from wiggle dresses as there’s nowhere to hide. But if any dress is going to get me out of my comfort zone it’s one from Stop Staring, so I’ve donned their Alabama dress for today’s post! Continue reading “Alabama dress│Stop Staring!”