I Love…A Theme!│A Transatlantic Sewing Project with Kara of The Dressed Aesthetic

I’m sure this isn’t a secret by now, but I love appliqué skirts! I’ve collected them for a few years now, though there are always those elusive pieces of vintage out that may forever be on my wishlist but never come around for sale again. So instead of pining for them, I also took up making my own – conveniently not too long before the first lockdown happened, when it was a good time to have a hobby. Since then I’ve churned out quite a few and surprised myself with what I can achieve (so if you’re reading this and think, I’d like to give my own appliqué skirt a go, then I can promise you: you can do it too). Another thing I love is a theme, and so my great loves combined when I came across a vintage pattern for an appliqué skirt with both a heart pocket and the words “I Love You” emblazoned on the front. It was too perfect for Valentine’s Day! My dear friend and fellow appliqué queen Kara of The Dressed Aesthetic was also planning to make the skirt, and when she suggested a joint sewing project I immediately jumped at the chance. As a quick aside, if you’re not following Kara on Instagram or reading her blog already then I recommend remedying that immediately! Her imagination is filled with the most incredible designs that she brings to life, and I am constantly amazed by her brilliance. Keep reading as I take you through the project step by step, and check out Kara’s own blog post detailing her skirt here!
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Falling for autumn│Splendette

I’m thrilled to bring more Splendette goodness to the blog today! This time it’s all about autumn, featuring a range of warm and luscious tones. Is anyone kind of excited that autumn is here already? I thought I’d be more sad that summer’s gone, and maybe it’s because we’re all spending so much time inside anyway, but cosying up in knitwear and berets makes the cold days a little bit brighter. Keep scrolling to see some of my key fall outfits paired with beautiful Splendette pieces!
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Summer sunset│Splendette

I can’t say I’ve ever had a strong bangle game – until now that is! Today I’m delighted to be featuring Splendette on the blog for the first time, a UK-based maker of vintage-inspired jewellery who are especially known for their amazing ranges of bangles. Keeping reading to find out more about them and see how I styled some of their wonderful collection!

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Monaco [blood red]│Charlie Stone Shoes [+ discount code]

I am always excited to see new Charlie Stone Shoes designs, so you can imagine my delight when not one but two more ranges were released recently! Designed by brilliant shoe genius Sam, there’s styles and colours across the collections to keep your feet chic all year round. One of my favourites (and it’s so hard to choose) is the Monaco in blood red, which I took our for a spin on a particularly frosty morning. Keep reading to find out more, and for an exclusive discount code!
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