Miss Stitches│Di Pazo

Is anyone else out there super particular about their handbags? Not necessarily my smaller weekend bags, but my everyday larger bag – definitely! It has to be a certain size and depth, needs to be ready to carry anything from makeup and phone to lunch to a laptop, and needs to look good to boot – and that’s just the start of my list. Every time I need to get a new one, usually because the previous one that I had agonised over has fallen apart from overuse, finding the right one is almost too stressful to bear! So I breathed a sigh of relief (and if you’re like me hopefully you will too!) seeing the wonders that Di Pazo has to offer. I’ve given their gorgeous Miss Stitches bag a whirl for this blog post – find out just how amazing it is below!
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Miss Hero Holliday on her holidays | London [part 2]

I’ve finally gotten around to putting the second part of our London holidays together! If you missed part one you can catch up on it here.

After our exhausting but exhilarating day at Sketch and Warner Brothers World on Sunday, we started the next week at a slower pace with a sleep-in and then a leisurely walk through Regent’s Park to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. 221b Baker Street was another attraction that Craig wanted to tick off his London list, while I haven’t read a single Sherlock Holmes book although I had watched a couple of movies. There was a long queue to get in as they only let in small groups at a time, and luckily we eventually made it inside just before a wild rain storm! It was very amusing that the tour guides acted like Sherlock was just out for the day and talked about him and his ‘belongings’ in the house as if they were real, though there were also a lot of mannequins on the top floor which were more than a little terrifying!

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