Falling for autumn│Splendette

I’m thrilled to bring more Splendette goodness to the blog today! This time it’s all about autumn, featuring a range of warm and luscious tones. Is anyone kind of excited that autumn is here already? I thought I’d be more sad that summer’s gone, and maybe it’s because we’re all spending so much time inside anyway, but cosying up in knitwear and berets makes the cold days a little bit brighter. Keep scrolling to see some of my key fall outfits paired with beautiful Splendette pieces!

The mouse and mulberry colours go so well with this outfit – one of my absolute favourites to wear in cooler weather! Here I’ve stacked the narrow and midi mouse Maiden bangles plus the wide mouse Classic bangle, with a midi mulberry Maiden bangle mixed in. And to top it all off, the gorgeous mulberry bead necklace. These tones are so lush and have me feeling all the fall vibes!

Brown doesn’t have to be boring! I hardly wore it until about a year ago, and now I’m a firm convert – especially in autumn. For this all-brown outfit the warm tones of the almond and walnut duotone sets matched perfectly. I’m wearing the narrow and midi almond and narrow and midi walnut Maiden bangles, with the wide almond and wide walnut Classic bangles, plus the almond carved bead necklace. I love that the colours on the almond pieces are the exact inverted colours of the walnut pieces, so it’s a great opportunity to mix and match. You can even purchase them as a mixed set of 3.

For my last outfit (a little further down) I put the narrow and midi catkin and midi fox Maiden fit bangles together with the wide catkin and wide fox Classic fit bangles, along with the catkin curved bead necklace. They provided such amazing pops of colour that I decided to pair them with a simple black dress to really show them off, as well as some other orange accessories to tie everything together. Both the catkin and fox pieces are marbled with darker warm brown tones to make them the ideal partner for your autumn outfits.

Full outfit details:

All bangles & necklaces – c/o Splendette (all individually linked above)

Dress (1st outfit) – Miss Candyfloss

Dresses (2nd & 3rd outfits) – true vintage

Cardigan – (1st outfit) – Emmy Design Sweden

Shoes – Charlie Stone Shoes

Another massive thank you to the amazing Hannah for these delightful Splendette goodies! And thank you to @cmjsnz for capturing these autumnal pics taken around our London neighbourhood. In case you missed it, you can check out my last (more summery) Splendette post here.

Miss Hero Holliday



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