Uma dress│Stop Staring!

I had a feeling when Stop Staring said they would choose a dress for me to style on the blog that they were going to send me one of their wiggle dresses, and sure enough I received the Uma dress in soft pink. While this was fully understandable as they are known for their incredible wiggle dresses, it was still a little daunting for a girl who doesn’t get her wiggle on too often! Read on to find out the Uma dress helped me get over my wiggle fears.

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California Sweet│Rather Keen pins

Designer Andrew J Brozyna has taken his talent for creating book covers and book interiors (his speciality), and turned his hand to crafting the sweetest of enamel pins! Starting with a range of book-themed pins (see the delightful full range here), super talented Andrew has more recently made a set of Art Deco inspired fruit blossom pins that I jumped at the chance to try!
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