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It’s their first release of the year and Erstwilder are already hitting it out of the park! ‘In Full Bloom‘ is full of all the beautiful flowers and trendy houseplants you can think of, and it might be my favourite collection yet. With pieces coming in the form of brooches, two sizes of necklace, and earrings, you can mix and match to make the most striking bouquet. As someone who adores floral clothing I am so happy to have some complimentary adornments for my collection! Check out my favourites and how I’ve styled them after the jump.

Budding Romance brooch

Budding Romance is my absolute favourite of this collection! If you’ve seen even the smallest portion of my wardrobe you’ll know I’m obsessed with rose prints, so what better pin to top all my rose-themed clothing off with than this. It’s absolutely swoon-worthy and has all the Beauty and the Beast vibes! The detail of the petals is so stunning and delicate, and that’s something you’ll see across the collection. I also love the different shades of pink and red in the colour palette, as it gives such versatility and depth to this piece!

Botanical Abode brooch

Possibly the cutest of the houseplants, Botanical Abode is the most adorable miniature garden! All different shades of green and various types of plant are enclosed in this pearly white bubble, all layered on a solid white background. A terrarium is the best solution for someone who wants to have green fingers but is a serial plant killer (and I’m sure we’ve all been there), as once sealed they require very little maintenance and create their own small-scale water cycle – how cool is that?!

Pretty Planter necklace

It might not be easy being green, but it sure is easy to wear a necklace as delightful as this! Pretty Planter is a wonderful take on the classic houseplant, with oodles of leaves in all the shades of green overflowing from a shimmery bowl. There’s a fantastic mix of solid, marbled, textured, and glittery resins here, with the pearls scattered at different heights to create a true work of art. I found so many things in my wardrobe that this will go with, as the bright apple green of the necklace is the same shade as the leaves on lots of my floral dresses!

She Loves Me brooch

Of course I couldn’t go past a flower of my favourite colour! She Loves Me is such a simple yet chic design with its creamy petals and golden yellow centre. Looks can be deceptive though; those petals have some lovely detailing and texture, plus some are set at different depths giving a stunning 3D effect. An instant classic, I know I’ll be rocking the daisy for many Fridays to come!

Thank you so much to team Erstwilder for this most fabulous collection, and to @cmjsnz for shooting these pics! Always remember to check your local stockists for sold-out products on the Erstwilder website, they just might make your day!

Miss Hero Holliday



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