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You might have thought the hotly anticipated ‘Myths and Legends‘ collection from Erstwilder was a myth, or maybe even a legend, but it’s real and it’s here! Designer Sally Land has artfully rendered the most fantastic beasts and mystical creatures across 16 brilliant designs, including brooches, necklaces, and a pair of earrings. And this release comes fortunately (or dangerously!) close to Christmas, so you can hint away to your loved ones about what to fill your stocking with, or buy for your equally stylish friends. I’m talking about my favourites from the collection below!

Fiery Fawkes brooch

In my humble opinion, Fiery Fawkes is the jewel in the crown of the ‘Myths and Legends’ release. As soon as I saw him I was hooked – what an eye-catching piece! Coloured with red, orange, and yellow sparkly resins and looking just like a flame, this is one hot bird and a must-have for any Harry Potter fans out there.

Horn to be Wild brooch

Who doesn’t love a unicorn brooch?! Erstwilder has released a few versions of Ula the Unicorn previously (I have three colourways!) but Horn to be Wild is a brand new design that’ll satisfy all your unicorn cravings. With a glittery yellow horn, striking blue mane, and soft fluffy eyelashes, this is the unicorn of dreams!

Crysta the Enchanting brooch

Hands up all you 90s kids who loved FernGully! Crysta the Enchanting bears a striking resemblance to the FernGully fairy of the same name, with her chic black bob and transparent wings. Plus each Crysta is guaranteed to be unique, as her dress is cut from patterned resin which results in a different placement each time!

Reign of Fire brooch

A collection of mythical creatures wouldn’t be complete without a dragon, and the Reign of Fire brooch is fiery dragon perfection! This guy features the brightest red solid and textured resins, plus check out the detail in those hand-drawn scales! You’ll be sure to make a statement with this flame-breather on your front.

Bless this Ness necklace & Tess of Loch Ness brooch

We Erstwilder fans must be blessed because there’s not one but two Loch Ness monsters in this collection and they’re both adorable! Bless this Ness and Tess of Loch Ness are a necklace and brooch combo featuring Nessie herself, and they’ve captured her resplendent blue body with dainty pink scales floating about in her favourite deep blue loch. Little Tess is in a ‘mobile home’ of a glass bottle complete with cork, with Nessie senior (in necklace form) is floating free. Wear them together and it’s said you’ll increase your chances of seeing the real thing!

And the rest…

Erstwilder (and of course fantastic designer Sally Land) have truly outdone themselves with this collection, and it lives up to the, well, legend! From unicorns to multi-headed beasts, from Medusa to the jackalope and even a Pegasus, (hopefully) all your favourites are covered and all in such stunning detail and colour. Check out the rest of the collection below!

A massive thank you to the ever fabulous Erstwilder team for entrusting us to shoot another collection, and to @cmjsnz snapping the pictures! Items are already selling out fast so I recommend nabbing your favourites quick, but remember to check with your stockists as they may still have designs that are sold out on the Erstwilder website. Let me know what you got in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday



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