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How blessed are we to have not one but two Erstwilder collections gracing our presence this month?! Dreamed up by resident designer extraordinaire Sally Land, Written in the Stars is an out-of-this-world collection comprising all 12 signs of the zodiac and the 4 elemental signs, plus a bonus necklace. There’s so many that I’m splitting them into two posts! This dazzling release has something for everyone, whether it’s your own signs, a gift for a loved one, or simply a piece that you fall in love with. Find out more about the first half of this collection below!

Angela of the Air brooch

Air is one of the four classical elements in astrology, and as I’m a Gemini it happens to be my own elemental sign! Angela of the Air is light as can be, with her pink hair and dress made of clouds. She even show us her carefree nature with a saucy wink! Angela also represents Libra and Aquarius star signs. Those who have air as their elemental sign are known as the ‘winds of change’, as they’re all about action, ideas, and motion – though some among us may be considered airheads!

Gemini the Gentle brooch

Gemini – that’s me! Gemini the Gentle illustrates the traditional symbol of twins with a fresh twist, giving them chic Art Deco-inspired bob cuts and a serving of sassy side-eye. The twins also signify Gemini’s duality in personality, which totally makes sense to me as I become a completely different person when I’m hungry! A Gemini can be resourceful, charming, and adventurous, but they may get restless sometimes. And as our ruling planet is Mercury, we’re all about communication.

Taurus the Tactile brooch

With a bold combo of purple and black resin, topped off with a glittery golden ring in her nose, Taurus the Tactile is iconic! Firmly down to earth, those represented by the bull like to stay grounded. A true Taurus may be stubborn – those horns give a clue! But their patient, dedicated, and romantic nature is something special.

Aries the Achiever brooch

Being the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is known as the trailblazer sign. The golden glittery resin of Aries the Achiever represents her Golden Fleece, a symbol of authority. In person, those born under the sign of the ram are energetic, bold, and heroic – though at times their bossy side will come out, especially when they’re doing something competitive!

Leo the Leader brooch

Leo is, of course, represented by the lion! Leo the Leader is the regal ruler of the astrological signs, with his handsome hand-painted face and purple textured mane. You might know a Leo who’s a bit of a drama queen sometimes, but they’re also courageous, generous, and loyal – plus they’ll thrive when thrown a compliment!

Cancer the Compassionate brooch

The classic crab has been rendered in a darling combo of purple shell and little blue legs with Cancer the Compassionate! This solid resin critter features well-placed stars and sweet hand-finished eyes. Cancers are all about planting roots and maintaining family ties, also enjoying creative pursuits like a trip to the art gallery!

Sagittarius the Searcher brooch

For those born between late November and late December, your sign is the archer! Sagittarius the Searcher is a subtle nod to that traditional figure, with her arrow hairpiece and bow that doubles as her neckline. Her fiery orange hair, dotted with stars, ties in so well with her elemental counterpart of fire. A Sagittarius is someone who dreams big, values honesty, and is an inspiration to those around them.

Willow of the Water brooch

Representing the elemental sign of water, Willow of the Water is a vision in swirling blue! Surrounded by water (or perhaps her flowing blue hair), Willow’s expression is calm and serene. I love the mixture of different textures and shades of blue in this piece, alluding to the movement of water! Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs all fall under the water element, and they’re known for being intuitive, emotional, and sensitive.

The Evening Star necklace

Like the moon shining brightly through the clouds, so will the Evening Star necklace around your neck! This candy coloured piece is such a great addition to top off a wonderful astral-themed collection. I really appreciate the length of this necklace, as I think it’s shorter than previous Erstwilder necklaces and I find it sits better on me. With so much glitter and packed with stars, this is a real showstopper!

Thank you so much to the incredibly generous and talented team at Erstwilder HQ for tasking @cmjsnz and I with the task of shooting such a fabulous collection! Look out for a blog post on part two of this release coming very soon. And please let me know which signs and elements you’ve nabbed!

Miss Hero Holliday



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