Written in the Stars [part 2]│Erstwilder

There’s just so much goodness in the brand new Written in the Stars range from Erstwilder, I’ve had to split it in two! This whopping 17 piece collection includes unique takes on the twelve signs of the zodiac and four elemental signs, plus a bonus necklace, all by super talented designer Sally Land. Catch up on part 1 here, or follow the jump to find out more about this fascinating collection!

Emma of the Earth brooch

The elemental sign of earth has been lovingly imagined as a flower fairy! Emma of the Earth is too cute in her pink blossom skirt and leafy green headpiece. She’s even popped a flower in her hair! Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are all earth signs, and they like to keep it real. Living up to their elemental nature they truly are ‘grounded’ people, remaining loyal and stable through thick and thin.

Felicity of the Fire brooch

What could be more perfect to symbolise the fire elemental sign? Felicity of the Fire sure is a fiery and fierce lady! I’m loving the detail of the flames that make up her hair and dress, all different textures and shades of red and orange. The fire elemental sign represents Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, who are all known to be passionate, dynamic, and temperamental. If you’re got a fire sign in your life, you’ve probably already found that they need to be nurtured carefully!

Libra the Learned brooch

Libra is all about the scales, so Libra the Learned is a lovely fresh take on this concept! This green goddess is poised elegantly, balanced and presiding over all. From her expertly coiffed and glittery hair to her huge dark lashes and red pout, she’s got everything under control! Given the scales is their go-to symbol, Libras tend to seek peace and harmony in life. What they don’t like? Being pressured to make a decision, though they also hate the word ‘maybe’!

Capricorn the Controlled brooch

Whether you were actually born under Capricorn or just a fan of goats, this is the brooch for you! Capricorn the Controlled makes a statement with his bright blue resin and almost-symmetrical appearance. If you were born between late December and late January I’m guessing that you’re devoted and hard-working, and fearless. However, the Cap’s symbol is the goat for a reason; like his horns, these qualities can also make Caps unforgiving! What will easily soften them is some quality time spent with family.

Scorpio the Serene brooch

Though real life scorpions are pretty scary, this little critter makes it look like there’s nothing to be afraid of! With his bright pink and red colouring, Scorpio the Serene is a happy chap ready to make friends. The 3D curve of his tail is particularly snazzy design aspect! Scorpio is the most intense and focused of all the signs of the zodiac, though that can mean they tend to also obsess over things sometimes. You might spot one by their trendsetting nature!

Pisces the Philanthropic brooch

United as one as they swim in a harmonius loop, these fishies represent those born between late February and late March. Pisces the Philanthropic is a symmetrical design, with an orange fish on one side and a turquoise fish on the other. Both are glittery and have carefully hand-painted detailing. Pisces are dreamers and ruled aptly by Neptune, the planet of fantasy. Though some may think them out of touch with reality, their imaginations are limitless and useful for breaking down boundaries.

Aquarius the Accepting brooch

One word: beauty! Aquarius the Accepting is an absolute vision, giving us a shy smile. Her hair is shimmery and resplendent in bright blue marbled resin and dotted with stars and a water droplet, alluding to her status as the water-bearer. An Aquarius is inventive and innovative, open to new ideas and ready to bring about change for a better future.

Virgo the Visionary brooch

Giving us all the Hedy Lamarr vibes, it’s Virgo the Visionary! In a collection so wonderful it’s hard to pick favourites but this is one of mine. Virgo is a blonde bombshell representing old Hollywood glamour, with a crown of golden glittery stars in her hair. Virgos like to look after their own well-being, as well as that of others and the planet. They may also enjoy entertaining you with their sharp wit!

Another huge thank you to the amazing Erstwilder team, it’s once again been such a pleasure snapping a whole collection! And big thanks to @cmjsnz for taking the time to shoot these with me. Which are your favourites from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday



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