Tutorial: Pin curls part 2 – the brush out

Now for your viewing pleasure, here is part 2 of my pin curl tutorial! This part deals with brushing out and sculpting your curls. I was so glad to find that editing part 2 was so much easier after making my first video!

For brushing out your pin curls you will need:

 – A boar bristle brush

 – A rat tail brush/comb

 – Some kind of anti-frizz oil/pomade (optional)

 – Duck bill clips

 – Hair spray

 – Hair dryer

 – A flower/bow/ribbon to decorate!

And here is the video:

As I said in part 1 (which you can find here), I am no expert in this! My technique has been adapted over time but it has largely developed through practice and patience. Just let me know if you have any questions/issues/problems and I will try and help you fix them, as the same thing has probably happened to me at some stage as well. And of course I love seeing success stories, so please tag me on Instagram in your pin curl photos!

Miss Hero Holliday


2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Pin curls part 2 – the brush out

  1. Nice tutorial. Do you use the heat or cool setting on the hairdryer? And what hairspray are you using? Thanks!


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