This week’s outfits! (8th – 14th February 2016)


Hair scarf – vintage
Top – thrifted
Skirt – Bernie Dexter
Heels – Chase & Chloe


Top – thrifted
Brooch – Heidi and Gretel
Belt – Bernie Dexter
Skirt – Mamie Blue
Heels – BAIT Footwear


Necklace – thrifted
Dress – Collectif Clothing
Belt – vintage
Heels – Modcloth


Top & belt – thrifted
Brooch – Noleen Suzan
Skirt – selfmade
Heels – Modcloth


Necklace – vintage
Dress – Bernie Dexter
Belt – thrifted
Heels – Chelsea Crew (via Modcloth)


Heels – BAIT Footwear
Everything else – vintage


Dress & heels – BellaVintage
Collar clips – Pop That Cassette
Belt – thrifted

Miss Hero Holliday


3 thoughts on “This week’s outfits! (8th – 14th February 2016)

  1. Hello, will you be keen in reviewing our vintage inspired dresses? We’re an online store based in Singapore selling 1950s inspired dresses and have recently started on self manufacturing. I love the way you style your outfits and how your pictures always turn out bright and colourful!


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