Tutorial: Pin curls part 1 – the set

Here it is, the one you’ve been asking for: my pin curl tutorial! That’s right, I have finally managed to film myself setting and brushing out my pin curls, edited it AND added music. Yay!

For setting your pin curls you will need:

 – Hair brush

 – Bobby pins

 – Setting lotion (I use Lottabody)

 – Hair tie

 – Sculpture Pin Curl tool (available here, though you can use your fingers instead)

 – Comb

And here is the video:

Full disclosure: I am not a hairdresser, hair stylist, or have any training in doing hair. Setting my hair in pin curls quickly and easily is something that has taken me lots of practice and many slow attempts, but it gets easier each time you do it!
You can find part 2 (the brush out) here. Happy hair styling!
Miss Hero Holliday



7 thoughts on “Tutorial: Pin curls part 1 – the set

  1. hello!

    Does the Sculpture Pin Curl tool have another name?? I’m from Spain and I need to know if it has another name so I can look for it in stores or on the internet. The one you mention is too expensive for me. Thank you!


    1. Hi Laura, I’m not sure sorry as that is literally the name written on the tool. There might be some copies out there but I don’t know what they would be called. It is also sold through a few different retailers like Amazon though which might be cheaper? I hope that helps 🙂 xx


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