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Reality Dysfunction photo shoot & the Miss Cheesecake Pin Up calendar

Recently I noticed a post on Facebook advertising a competition to be part of the Miss Cheesecake Pin Up New Zealand 2016 calendar. All you needed to do was submit a high-res image in vintage style with a short bio about yourself, and then choosing the 12 ladies for the calendar would be decided by likes on Facebook and a judging panel. I thought, why not? The problem was I only had about 10 days to come up with a concept and get my entry in!

My first point of call would be Scott Marks from Reality Dysfunction photography. I met Scott a many years ago now through live action roleplay and it’s always been delightful seeing the photos he takes of those and other events. We did a lovely shoot together a couple of years ago and so I knew we would agree on ideas and work well together again. Luckily he had time to fit in a shoot with me, and suggested a shoot at the Glenbrook Vintage Railway, complete with vintage suitcases. That sounded perfect to me!


I started off wearing a bright yellow rain coat (which went perfectly with the red train above), which I have always loved and worked well with the sunny weather we had. However, I was most excited for the other outfit I brought, which was more of a 1940s style.

Unfortunately the trains weren’t operating that day so we couldn’t get the old Hollywood movie-style steam from the trains in the photos, but the suitcases gave the photos a wonderful extra vintage touch. I wore a dress from Shabby Apple, cardigan from New Look, and my favourite navy coat from Hell Bunny (you can get the red version from Modcloth here). And of course I had to wear gloves and a faux-fur collar to finish the look!

I made sure my entry was in on time and soon after that the voting began. When some friends of mine found out that the lady with the most likes would not only get to be in the calendar but would win the cover girl spot, they led a hard-fought campaign which ended with me in the lead! I was so excited and overwhelmed by the support I got from so many people. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product which is currently in the works!

The winning image which will be on the cover of the 2016 Miss Cheesecake Pin Up New Zealand calendar!

Thank you so much to Scott at Reality Dysfunction for his amazing photography skills, and to the Miss Cheesecake Pin Up New Zealand team for the incredible opportunity!

Miss Hero Holliday



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