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No matter where in the world you are, spring is here with Erstwilder! After the success of their ‘In Full Bloom’ collection earlier this year, ‘A Fuller Bloom‘ captures even more florals and some recoloured favourites from last time around, with plenty of opportunities to get matchy-matchy. Designer Carmen Hui has truly outdone herself! We were lucky enough to shoot the whole collection and this might be my most colourful blog post yet. Read on to see my personal faves, and the full range in all its glory!

Follow the Sun brooch

Guaranteed to light up your life, sunflowers are such a beacon of happiness! The Follow the Sun brooch is such a delight with its mixture of glittery and solid resins, bright green leaves, and hand-drawn details. Native to the Americas, sunflowers have been to space and at their tallest have been recorded as standing at over 30 feet tall. And once empty of seeds, you can use the flower heads for your heavy duty scrubbing needs! If you love sunflowers there’s also a necklace and earrings to match.

Heartfelt Hydrangea brooch

The hydrangea might be one of the prettiest flowers around, and the Heartfelt Hydrangea brooch is such a divine representation of its beauty! Made with a mixture of textured resins in different shades of pink with hand-drawn details, I was so excited that I had a dress to perfectly match this cutie. Did you know that the colour of the hydrangea depends on the soil? Acidic soils result in blue blooms, neutral soils give pale cream flowers, and alkaline soils produce pink or purple. You can also pick up the matching earrings in pink, or in blue to match with the hydrangeas from the last collection!

Sunshine of Life brooch

The gerbera is one of my favourite flowers, as they’re always so bright and colourful, and last such a long time! The Sunshine of Life brooch is a truly brilliant specimen, with three layers of petals in reds and oranges and a yellow and black glittery centre. Nearly 900 million of these pretties are produced in the Netherlands every year, and they come in almost every colour except blue!

Enlightened Waters brooch

The level of crafts(wo)manship in this piece is absolutely incredible! I love the multi-layered nature of so many pieces in this collection but the Enlightened Waters brooch has to be one of the best. The palest pink petals in a mixture of marbled, glitter, and solid resins sit atop a contrasting dark green lily pad. Water lilies create shade and protection for fish, while also providing a resting place for frogs and dragonflies – they really are such a helpful bloom!

Don’t You Forget about me brooch and necklace

I’m sure there’ll be many of you who are glad that team Erstwilder didn’t forget to include forget-me-nots in this collection! Even better, there’s a necklace and a brooch that look fabulous both together or apart. Featuring marbled resin petals in just the right shade of blue, this means each piece is truly unique – just like the real thing! The descriptive name of this flower came from the German term ‘Vergissmeinnicht’, and forget-me-nots are seen as a lasting symbol of remembrance.

And the rest…


The Budding Romance Rose drop earrings provide a match to the red rose brooch from ‘In Full Bloom’, while the new Budding Romance brooch and Juliet’s Blooms earrings are an all-new set in a gorgeous white colourway.


The Follow the Sun earrings and necklace combine with the brooch above for a three-piece set of pure happiness!


Erstwilder HQ knows how popular hydrangeas are, so they’ve given us a matchy pink pair of earrings for this season’s brooch, and a blue pair to go with the blue hydrangea brooch from ‘In Full Bloom’.

Tropical goodness

If you love all the bold blooms of tropical flowers, look no further than the Birds of a Feather bird of paradise brooch and the Lei it on Me matching brooch and earrings!

Peace and tranquility

For all your soothing and calming floral needs, there’s the Beauty Blooms calla lily brooch, Dutch Courage tulip brooch, and Magnificent Magnolia brooch to choose from.

Purple power

Completing the collection we have the My Compliments iris brooch and the Where the Wild Things Are wild violet brooch, truly stunning!

And a bonus buzz!

These little fellows are limited but you can pick one up with every purchase of 3 or more pieces! So good to pin along with your favourite flower, or two!

Thank you so much to the most bloomin’ fantastic team at Erstwilder HQ for letting us loose on shooting this collection! There are so many beauties to choose from here and I hope you’re able to get all your faves. Remember to always check your local stockists if the Erstwilder website is sold out. And thank you as always to @cmjsnz for shooting this veritable garden of jewellery!

Miss Hero Holliday



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