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It’s that time again! Erstwilder have brought back some more Fan Favourites in their latest release, and it’s a brand new mix of colours, textures, and patterns across some of their most popular designs. There’s something for everyone here, including birds, foxes, and some things that are even a little more wild. And remember to check out the other new collection that’s come out simultaneously, the Love Yourself range designed in collaboration with Australian artist Mel Stringer. It’s a wonderful ode to self love and body positivity! In the meantime, click below to see your new fan favourites!

Birds of a Feather

One of the most iconic Erstwilder designs is the bird, and we’re lucky enough that the team has brought back three favourites this round! Barbarella’s Bird might just be my personal favourite – I am a huge fan of that ‘in flight’ design and her bright blue colouring is just stunning! We also have the Humble Hummingbird; this gal is a fabulous summery mix of colours, featuring soft pink, bright glittery yellow, and a touch of red. And of course we have Olive Owl, who’s been seen in different incarnations at least four previous times so she must be well loved! This time she’s resplendent in glorious purple, with a floral resin design on her wings.

Foxy Ladies

The fox is another classic Erstwilder design, and they’ve appeared in all different forms and colours over the years. They’re so popular that not one, but two foxy ladies have been brought back in this set of recolours! Sacha the Sleeping Fox is the sweetest thing, totally happy to have a nap while you go about your day. She’s a gorgeous mix of pink and pale gold, with a sparkly gold design running through her fur! And showcasing a more sassy side is Faustine Fox, so chic in her new leopard print design. Her tail might be easy to hide behind but this wild fox sure isn’t shy!

Walk on the Wild Side

You might remember Reign of Fire from one of Erstwilder’s more recent releases, the Myths and Legends range. Well this dragon is back, and just in time for Game of Thrones! The original fiery red has been replaced with royal purple, keeping that same fierce design. Also bringing some wild animal magnetism to the table is Zelda the Zany Zebra. She’s previously come in orange, blue, and silver, and this time she’s back in classic black and white with a stylish mint mane. And even better, it’s glittery!

A big thank you to the amazing team at Erstwilder HQ for letting us shoot another exciting collection! A couple of these designs are sold out on Erstwilder’s website already, but remember to check with your stockists as you might hopefully get lucky with them. And thank you to @cmjsnz for these pics!

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