Spanish Fiesta│Erstwilder

I’m a little late to the party – I mean, fiesta! – but I have to share my favourites from Erstwilder‘s new collection with you! ‘Spanish Fiesta‘ covers a variety of things inspired by and loved about Spain, from the striking flamenco dancer to the brave burro and the pretty pericon. There’s also a lot of romance through this range, so how wonderful to have it just in time for Valentine’s day! Click through below to see my favourites.

Rosa Espanola brooch

Anything rose-themed always has me drooling, and the Rosa Espanola brooch is no exception! This most beautiful Spanish rose is made up of layers of marbled and glittery red resins, atop some bubbly green leaves. It’s a real sizeable piece too, so it’s guaranteed to make a statement!

Vamos de Fiesta brooch

What’s better to sip on a hot day than with a refreshing glass of sangria? Like the drink, Vamos de Fiesta will certainly quench your thirst for a good brooch! Taking the traditional red wine and chopped fruit, all in resin form of course, everything is contained in a big pitcher with a slice of glittery lemon on the edge. I love the bright mix of colours in this brooch, the combo of red, yellow and green really pops and the details are perfect!

Muy Bonita brooch

Erstwilder have given us many beautiful ladies over time, and here they present another for us to admire with the Muy Bonita brooch. With her long-lashed eyes closed, perhaps in thought or in a dream, her combination of ravishing dark hair and white collar only enhance her loveliness. Roses are recurrent in this collection, and you’ll find a mini version of the Rosa Espanola brooch behind this beauty’s ear!

Thank you once again to the always fabulous team at Erstwilder for letting me choose some favourites, and to @cmjsnz for taking my picture! Will you be wearing Erstwilder for Valentine’s day? Let me know below!

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