Print princess [part 1]│Scribble & Pockets

When I shop I love to support small businesses, and I’m proud to have featured a number of them on the blog so far! So today I’m delighted to introduce you to the fabulous team behind Scribble & Pockets, a small family business creating whimsical hand-stamped fabric and vintage-inspired clothing. Read on to find out more and see how I’ve styled their pieces!

About Scribble & Pockets

The Scribble & Pockets team is made up of Nani (designs and sewing), Steve (IT, finance, & admin), and Christina (customer service & marketing), plus Sushi the dog and cats Müsli and Chili. Nani was born in Brazil and raised with a German influence, due to her mother’s German/Swiss heritage. Now she and the family brand are based in Hamburg, after moving there to do her masters in 2012. Through a lot of different studies and career paths Nani has stuck with fashion, creating her own hand-stamped and limited edition fabrics with her drawing and design skills. She’s also obsessed with pockets and it’s a guarantee that all S&P garments will feature them. Hence the name Scribble & Pockets! To order, you can work with the S&P team to choose your pattern, garment, and fabric, to create a style that’s uniquely you. I favour a longer skirt length, so I was super happy that Nani could accommodate this!

Dandelion stripes

Dandelion stripes is one of the latest S&P prints from the Spring/Summer 2018 fabric collection! This playful print features stripes of alternating flowers and lions in a fresh white and yellow colour combo. The yellow is a real bright golden tone and so perfectly summery! Nani has designed a skirt to show off this fabric that features a princess waistband and super gathered skirt. The fabric is a cotton sateen, so it’s on the thicker side of cotton and drapes beautifully.

Dramatic squirrels

I have never seen squirrels on a skirt before and I’m in love! The Dramatic Squirrels fabric is so adorable, with so many squirrels running here and there in different poses. There’s also green leaves and acorns scattered around, all on a bright mustard yellow background. This fabric is a luxurious cotton sateen that has a really silky texture, and it’s been made into a full circle skirt which is so swishy and twirlable. I’m looking forward to wearing this skirt right through into autumn as I think these colours really work for fall too!

Chicken & polka dots

If you’ve seen even a little of my wardrobe you’ll know that I’m obsessed with border prints, and I just about squealed when I saw the chicken and polka dots fabric that Nani has created! The background is not quite black, more of a charcoal colour, and it’s overlaid with green and white polka dots as you get closer to the border. And then there’s the chickens! These plucky (!) little fellas are too cute, and they even have little red and yellow accents for their combs and feet respectively. This is a 97% cotton poplin fabric, so it’s super crisp and light for summer. It’s in a pleated skirt which shows off the border print so well, with a wide waistband that’s really flattering.

A huge thank you to the lovely Nani for this collab and these amazing pieces that I look forward to wearing again and again! And thank you to @cmjsnz for these shots taken at our favourite go-to spot for photos, Corban Estate. Nani has been so kind to send me even more things, so look out for another post featuring more of her work coming very soon! And make sure to follow Scribble and Pockets on Instagram and Facebook to see their latest news and designs.

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2 thoughts on “Print princess [part 1]│Scribble & Pockets

  1. OK I don’t even know where to begin or which outfit is my favorite because they’re ALL so dang PRECIOUS!!!!! Ahh! I am off to go check out Scribble & Pockets NOW!


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