Down Memory Lane [part 1]│Erstwilder

Erstwilder is bringing back all the best childhood memories with their latest collection, Down Memory Lane! From dolls, to tops, to wind-up toys, everyone’s sure to reminisce fondly over their favourite childhood playthings. They’re even included that ever popular and colourful snack, fairy bread, in three different ways! Read all about the first half of this wonderful release below.

Fairy Bread brooch

Erstwilder’s resin take on the classic fairy bread was well-received the first time around, so popular in fact that there was a ‘bring back the bread’ Facebook page started to campaign for its return! Once again proving that they really do listen to their fans, fairy bread has returned in abundance with a brooch, necklace, and earrings produced this time. These delightful pieces have been recoloured from the original, with bright blue, yellow, red, pink, and white hundreds and thousands dotting the bread, while still maintaining their signature bite. Get your hot little hands on these fast as they’re already selling out! Check out all the designs in the next few pictures below, and keep scrolling to see the full set.

Fairy Bread necklace

Fairy Bread earrings

Fairy Bread set

Matryoshka Memories brooch

Modelled after the very first Matryoshka doll that was shown at the Paris World’s Fair in 1900, Erstwilder has crafted their own gorgeous version! Matryoshka Memories is a sizable pin that features exquisite floral patterns and hand-painted detailing. And in case one wasn’t enough, they’ve also created an adorable set of three, just like the real doll sets that sit inside each other! Each doll in the set is slightly different and oh-so-cute, but there were only 50 sets made so if you managed to get one you’re very lucky! Unfortunately they sold like hot cakes but you can see the full set in the pictures below.

Matryoshka Memories set

Spinning Around brooch

As captivating as the real thing, the Spinning Around brooch is a bright and fun 2D version of the classic spinning top that won’t make you dizzy! Using a mixture of solid and textured resins, this deceptively simply brooch has a huge amount of detail in it, right down to the yellow star design across the centre. Spinning tops have been around for many years, since the 8th century BC in fact. This means they’ve been made out of all sorts of materials over the years; wood, metal, plastic – and now, resin!

Trundling Tail-Wagger brooch

Who didn’t love dragging around their favourite wooden animal with wheels for feet as a child?! Dog must have been the pick in the Erstwilder office as they’ve designed the Trundling Tail-Wagger brooch to symbolise the iconic push/pull toy. This little guy is ready for action in a combo of black, yellow, and red solid resins, plus some glittery red wheels! I remember having a few of these toys as a child; my favourite was a duck version my Grandpa made me that had leather flaps over the wheels to make duck noises as it wheeled along!

Wind-Up Whimsy brooch

Another hot favourite, Wind-Up Whimsy is the sweetest little bird! Will she sing, or hop around, or both? We’ll find out when we wind her up! I adore this colour combination of soft blush pink, magenta, and a glittery gold key. Once only meant for royalty, wind-up toys have been charming our childhoods for hundreds of years now!

Big big thanks to the Erstwilder team for this incredible collection and for entrusting us to shoot a whole range again! And thank you to @cmjsnz for braving a wind tunnel with me to get these shots. The second half of the Down Memory Lane collection will be coming your way very soon! Tell me your favourites in the comments below ❤

Miss Hero Holliday



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