Ocean Vibes part 2│Erstwilder

One of the great things about Erstwilder (and there are many!) is that they listen to their fans – and they deliver! So a year on from their hugely successful Ocean Vibes collection they’ve taken on board what people were asking for and produced part 2 – the sea-quel, if you will. This colourful collection that’s a little more on the bigger side this time includes creatures such as jellyfish and lobster, and even King Neptune, over a whopping 17 pieces all by designer extraordinaire Sally Land. Read on to find out my favourites from the new release and to see how I’ve styled them!

Huggable Decapod brooch

If you’re feeling crabby, this guy is bound to cheer you up! The Huggable Decapod brooch is the cutest crustacean around, and he’s based on the real life King Red Crab so he’s got a regal air as well! I love the mixture of different textures and shades of red in this piece, and the level of detail in his little legs is exquisite.

Nina of the North brooch

I think many people echoed the sentiment of wanting a narwhal brooch after the last Ocean Vibes release, and sure enough this adorable unicorn of the sea here! Nina of the North has the sweetest face and such a happy grin. She’s made from a combo of blue and white solid resin, topped with a yellow glittery horn.

Brian B. Quaid brooch

It took some Googling and a bit of thought to realise that Brian B. Quaid isn’t a reference to a person – it’s alluding to an acronym! This guy would much prefer to perch on your front than on a grill though. Made from bubble and solid resins in all different shades of pink, Brian is rosy perfection from his delicate antenna and legs to the smooth curve of his tail.

Crustacean Elation necklace

It’s hard to resist the Crustacean Elation necklace when I’ve got the brooch to match! This guy must be pretty happy and excited, as he’s reaching his claws right out. Measuring 14cm across, this is a gorgeous statement piece!

Big thanks to the incredible Erstwilder team for letting me be a part of this release, and to @cmjsnz for taking these photos on a rainy day in St Kevin’s Arcade. These pieces are selling super fast (as usual!) so I hope you got your favourites! Let me know your picks in the comments.

Miss Hero Holliday



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