Furry & Feathered Friends + By Popular Demand│Erstwilder

We all love our pets, and so does Erstwilder! Lucky for us, they regularly create or recolour the cutest critters as they know how pet-mad the Erstwilder community is. In their latest launch, not only have they given us some adorable new furry and feathered friends, they’ve also brought back some of your favourites in new colours and textures. I’ve chosen a couple of my picks from each new range – read on to find out my thoughts!

Natural Predator brooch

I have fallen in love with this little kitty-cat! I am a cat owner and huge cat lover myself, frequently ‘whispering’ to kitties I see so that I can pet them. From the blissful expression on this cutie’s face I couldn’t help but squee over the Natural Predator brooch too! This happy chap has been crafted in different shades of pink and is thoroughly ensconced in playing with an enormous ball of silver yarn. True cat instinct is reflected in this brooch!

She’s So Foxy brooch

For the ultimate classic piece, look no further than the She’s So Foxy brooch. Rendered in textured resin, this foxy lady has a glamorous look and a big swishy tail. I have found myself more recently leaning towards simpler brooches, and the black & white colour palette is perfect minimalist chic to contrast against a bright top or cardigan. She must be popular as there have been a lot of other She’s So Foxy colourways in the past – I wonder if anyone’s collected them all?

Oscar Wildenfox brooch

Oscar Wildenfox is also a mighty popular character, having been released in no less than four colourways before. This time he’s back with polka dots flecking his orange fur, and glittering orange glasses to match. Not only am I a glasses-wearer myself, I’m also a long-time Oscar Wilde fan, so I couldn’t help but be drawn to this guy!

Minna’s Moon brooch

From the curl of her tail to the tilt of her head, there’s something special about Minna. This cool cat isn’t just looking at the moon, she’s sitting on it! Minna herself is made from shades of blue resin, while her perch is crafted in silvery-white glitter. The Minna’s Moon brooch conveys a sense of calm and wisdom – I’d sure love to know what this kitty is wondering about!

A huge thank you to the Erstwilder team for another wonderful collection, and to @cmjsnz for taking my picture! So have your favourites come back? Or do you now have some new favourites? Let me know what you’ve ordered in the comments below!

Miss Hero Holliday



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