How exciting is the latest Erstwilder release?! Just when we thought their collections couldn’t get any more magical, they have of course delivered something very special – Grease! The classic 1978 film is a favourite of many, so lots of Erstwilder fans (including myself!) have rightfully gone nuts over this release! From the picture-perfect rendering of your favourite characters (all designed by the super talented Sally Land) to the specially-designed packaging, you better shape up and get your favourites before they’re gone for good.

Rizzo’s Rules brooch

This sassy broad truly delivers in the Rizzo’s Rules brooch! Stockard Channing’s iconic character has even more layers than this fantastic resin brooch. Everything about this piece screams ‘Riz’, from her pearly Pink Ladies jacket and tousled curls to her red pout and neckerchief. She even has her name emblazoned on her lapel! If you’re feeling peachy keen, jellybean, then Rizzo’s the one for you.

Tell Me About It, Stud brooch

Who could forget about Sandy’s epic transformation at the end of the movie? The Tell Me About It, Stud brooch captures Sandra Dee in all of her black catsuit glory, right down to the red lining of her leather jacket! It’s hard not to be inspired by the effortless confidence of post-transformation Sandy when you’ve got her pinned to your front!

Beauty School Dropout brooch

Delicate and dreamy, Teen Angel would be impressed by this piece! The Beauty School Dropout brooch takes those towering sets of silver rollers and has them intricately layered on this delightful piece. Anyone who sets their hair is sure to love this lady! Also, is it just me or did everyone else have to watch Grease many times before they realised that the other Pink Ladies featured in this scene?!

Eat Your Heart Out brooch

One of the most quotable lines from Grease has been immortalised in brooch form! The Eat Your Heart Out brooch delivers Rizzo’s line in an electric pink heart shape with a bite already taken out. This is a brooch that tells it like it is, and makes me think of those heart-shaped Valentine’s candies.

Jan the Joker brooch

Call me a Jan fan! The Jan the Joker brooch has become my favourite of the collection, as her happy expression instantly puts a smile on my face! I especially love the details; her bushy pigtails are on point, and her sunglasses are exactly like those in the movie right down to the rhinestone details in the corners. Pin on this carefree cat and you can’t help but feel her sense of fun!

Always Together necklace

We all love a happy ending, and of course one of the greatest ones is where Danny and Sandy ride off into the sunset in a flying car! The Always Together necklace depicts the fantasy version of Greased Lightening, right up into the sky surrounded by clouds, stars, and a rainbow. We know that the famed couple will live happily ever after on this journey!

Thank you so much to the team at Erstwilder for letting me style some of their amazing new collection, and for making such wonderful pieces in the first place! And thank you to @cmjsnz for taking these pictures despite some cat interference.

So which are your picks from the new collection? I hope you’ve been able to order your favourites!

Miss Hero Holliday



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