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Cropped cardigans│Mak Sweater

When I first started dressing in vintage/pin-up style what I really struggled to find was a cardigan to best compliment my look. This kind of fashion is all about showing off your waist, and how are you meant to achieve that when you’re swamped by a cardigan that finishes around your hips? Luckily, Mak Sweater came to the rescue! 

Mak was started way back in 2000 by Nathan Yang. They are based in Los Angeles and serve customers primarily via wholesale but through their showroom as well. It’s been in the last few years that a number of pin-up and vintage reproduction brands have started stocking more and more of their colours and designs, giving us a perfect wardrobe staple.

The most popular Mak style has to be their cropped V-neck cardigans. I first discovered these through Modcloth back when they had only 4 or 5 colours and I couldn’t get enough of them! This cardi has three buttons at the front but because the fit is so good (no ‘oversized’ business here) then it’s flattering to wear open or closed. I live in these cardigans at work, as with their 3/4 sleeves they’re perfect under the air con! Best of all they hit you right at the waist, meaning you can flaunt that classic hourglass silhouette.

These are all the Mak colours – I’ll have one of each please!

After Modcloth, many other brands picked up on how wonderful these cardigans are and so you can find them at all sorts of stockists in a huge range of colours. Modcloth is still selling them as their Dream of the Crop style, now with 11 colours to choose from and a larger size range that goes from XXS to 4X (where most brands stock only S to 4X). Doll Me Up have them available as the Tootsie Crop Cardigan in a whopping 37 different shades, and Le Bomb Shop are close behind with their Cutest Cropped Cardigan in 34 different colours. Pinup Girl Clothing also have 18 colours available in their Cropped Cardigan. There are many other brands that stock them as well, but I’ve just listed those I’ve bought from here. Prices range between $23-29USD depending on where you buy, and these stores often have discount coupons available which will make them even more budget-friendly.

Mak isn’t just about one cardi though; they have plenty more styles to choose from too! One of my favourites is this sweet little short-sleeved cardi (pictured below), it’s a lighter alternative to the 3/4 sleeve and something I would definitely consider wearing buttoned and tucked in like a jumper. Le Bomb Shop has a couple of these (listed as their Cutest Cropped Summer Cardigan) but I’m hoping we’ll see more and more of this and other Mak styles soon because they’re just too good!

Mak make lots of other styles too!

Do you own any Mak cardigans? If you do, how many and which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

Miss Hero Holliday



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