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Each new Erstwilder collection brings with it a sense of anticipation, magic, and especially fun! With each limited run collection it’s often a race to make sure you nab your favourite piece before they sell out, so it’s always very special when they bring back a popular design that you might have missed out on first time around – or love so much you need it in another colour! Today I’m sharing my picks from their newly released collection where 12 fan favourites have been brought back in all new colours and textures – maybe they have included your favourite this time!

Radbert the Red Panda brooch

Right from when I first saw them at the zoo I have always had a soft spot for the red panda! They have the sweetest faces, just like Radbert the Red Panda. This little guy sure does look happy all snuggled up with his tail tucked under his chin! Originally coming in a bright red colourway, this time he’s been shaded a little darker with criss-cross texturing and hand-painted white stripes.

Cyril and Cynthia brooch

How sweet is this odd couple? I certainly couldn’t go past this delightful pair when choosing my favourites. There is some literal piggy-backing going on in this brooch, and Cynthia (my guess for the piggle) seems particularly content about that. Both parties have been given a fabulous glittery texture, and the pink and blue combo is a pastel dream!

Poppy Field necklace

Erstwilder’s poppy brooches are now longtime fan favourites and after always selling out super fast they are now being made in an unlimited run so that everyone who wants to can wear a poppy, with each poppy sold sending $2 to the ANZAC appeal. You can now wear your poppy with pride in necklace form as well, with the Poppy Field necklace. This beautiful necklace is made of dark red textured petals with black glittery centres, and the three poppies drape over each other just perfectly, altogether creating a fitting piece of remembrance.

Polyanna brooch

After doing some research I have found that the Polyanna brooch is one of the earlier Erstwilder designs, so it’s great to see her back for a new audience. She first wore a black hat and purple ribbon, but has now changed to a chic pale mint green and peachy pink combo. The mixture of patterned, textured and solid resins, along with Polyanna’s sweet face, really make this brooch something special.

* * * * *

A huge thank you to the team at Erstwilder for letting me test drive these pieces, and thank you to @cmjsnz for taking these photos during our holiday in Melbourne at the Upper West Side precinct.

I hear that some of these newly released fan favourites have already sold out, so I hope you’ve got your picks already! Let me know what you’ve placed an order for in the comments below!

Miss Hero Holliday



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