California Sweet│Rather Keen pins

Designer Andrew J Brozyna has taken his talent for creating book covers and book interiors (his speciality), and turned his hand to crafting the sweetest of enamel pins! Starting with a range of book-themed pins (see the delightful full range here), super talented Andrew has more recently made a set of Art Deco inspired fruit blossom pins that I jumped at the chance to try!

Sweater weather is in full swing in the Southern Hemisphere, so it’s rare that I leave the house without something pretty adoring my front! Andrew’s fruity pins definitely have a summery feel, so they brighten up my winter knits while also satisfying my love of fruit-themed accessories. The range consists of orange, blueberry, and strawberry blossoms, each of which has been artfully rendered in bright enamel colours on a gold metal background that fastens at the back with a rubber clasp. The blueberry and strawberry pins are each 1″ tall, and the orange pin is a little larger at 1.38″. Andrew was kind enough to send me one of his bookmobile pins in pink too, which as an ex-librarian I simply adore! You can also get creative and pop one (or all) of these pins on a blazer or purse as a super stylish adornment.

The fruit blossom range is available via the Rather Keen Etsy store, along with the full range of book pins and extras like this Gilmore Girls pencil and card set which looks like the absolute coolest thing ever. Prices vary, ranging from $10.50 – $12.50USD depending on the size of the pin, and international shipping is available. If you’d like to shop in person there’s also a number of stockists across the US, Canada and Australia which carry Andrew’s work.

Thank you so much to Andrew from Rather Keen for this collaboration! You can see more of his work on Instagram, which includes his pins as well as amazing illustrations and other creations. Thank you also to @cmjsnz for taking pictures of me for this post!

Miss Hero Holliday



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