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I have long been eyeing up the Betty heels from BAIT Footwear, but I frequently hesistated as I don’t tend to pump for open-toed shoes very often. However, after trying their Lacey and Lorraine heels via Royal Vintage Shoes recently and loving them I decided that I needed the Betty heels as well. To sweeten the deal BAIT were having their annual Black Friday sale right at the start of our NZ summer, so how could I not get some of these pretties in my life?!

The adorable bow on the front of the Betty heels was the first thing that drew me to them, making them immediately stand out as cute and summery. They feature an ankle strap and cute polka dot lining. The Betty heels also have a 3.25″ block heel with a 3/4″ platform in the front, which ends up making the actual rise of the heel reasonably low.

I could have ordered any of the Betty heel colours but settled on the Seafoam and Peach shades. The Seafoam is a bit more green than I had hoped and the Peach slightly more orange, but I know I will still have a large number of things to wear them with and most importantly they are different shades to anything else in my shoe cupboard. Both are vegan-friendly patent styles and so have felt a little hard on first wear (as opposed to the smooth faux leather of the Lorraine heel which is a lot softer), but there have been no blisters and they have generally still been quite comfy. The Betty heels come in a host of lovely colours such as lavender, vintage rose, and royal teal.

I am usually a size US6.5 (or NZ6), but having got the Lorraine heels in a size US7 and found them really comfortable I decided to do the same when ordering the Betty heels. To be honest I think I would have been fine with a US6.5, however I certainly have no complaints about sizing up and I feel that as I’ll be wearing them more in summer with warmer (and therefore slightly larger) feet then the 7 was a safe choice. With BAIT’s usual squishy insole they are immensely comfortable, and being quite a narrow style they really suit my skinny feet. I am also really pleased to note that they don’t show a huge amount of toe cleavage and so those of us with toe hang-ups won’t feel too toe-conscious in them!

The Betty heels retail for $75USD, which is a steal considering how much wear I’m likely to get out of them (ie a lot) and how sweet yet sturdy they are. You can order directly through BAIT’s website, and note that if you live in the US then shipping is free for 2 pairs or more. International shipping is available but can get quite high ($40USD to NZ!) so for New Zealand ladies I recommend shipping through YouShop as it works out much cheaper.

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What colour Betty heel would you order? Or do you have another favourite BAIT heel? Let me know in the comments!

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