Yellow petticoat │ Doris Designs

Doris Designs is a UK-based brand specialising in petticoats.  Their online store boasts a huge selection of brightly coloured frothy pettis, and so as someone who feels naked without a petticoat I knew that Doris Designs would be right up my alley. Today I’m featuring their yellow petticoat and getting to know a little more about the ‘Doris’ in Doris Designs in the process.

The brand is named after and inspired by the late grandmother of the owner of Doris Designs, who was herself also given the middle name of Doris. Building a business that resonated with the original Doris’s era as well as remembering her through bright and vibrant colours was the goal in creating Doris Designs.

Without (left) and with (right) my Doris Designs petticoat

The Doris Designs team prides themselves on creating superior quality petticoats. Each petti is made with over 36 metres of super soft and light chiffon, making a two-layer petticoat that is so fluffy and an absolute dream to wear. I found a huge difference in the way my dresses sat with and without this petti (see pictures above), and it’s great for providing a good level of poofy-ness and bounce without the dramatics and scratchiness that a stiff net petticoat would give.

You can purchase a Doris Designs petticoat in either a 17″, 21″ or 26″ length; I opted for the 26″ length as the majority of my dresses are on the longer side. All petticoats are one size fits all as their waist elastic features buttons that can adjust your petti from petite to plus size (23″-43″) without any fuss.

There is a huge variety of colours to choose from so you’re covered for any occasion, from everyday wear to weddings and special events. It was a tough decision but I ended up choosing the yellow as it’s my favourite colour and had previously proved a difficult shade to find a petticoat in. It’s a deliciously vivid colour and is wonderful either to match my yellow dresses or for accessorising a pattern that features yellow in it, like the one I’m wearing in these pictures. Each petti also features a matching ribbon at the waist which is a lovely touch!

A Doris Designs petticoat retails for between £62-69, depending on the desired length. You can purchase online or book an appointment at their showroom in Surrey if you’re near the area. They ship all over the world, and it’s £17 all the way to New Zealand which is very reasonable considering a petticoat is such a bulky item.

Each petticoat comes with its own soft cotton storage bag, which I’ll note is perfectly roomy so you won’t feel like you’re wrestling your petti back in there. The Doris Designs team recommends hanging your petticoat out the day before you wear it to let any creases drop out and improve the fluffiness.

Full outfit details:

Petticoat – c/o Doris Designs

Dress – Retrospec’d

Belt – thrifted

Heels – Chase & Chloe

Many thanks to Doris of Doris Designs for this fun collaboration, and to @cmjsnz for these photos taken in the gardens of the Lake House Arts Centre.

You can give Doris Designs a follow on Instagram and Facebook to see more of them! I have word that a very lovely famous lady has six Doris Designs petticoats for a big film coming out in 2017, so that is definitely something exciting to look out for!

Miss Hero Holliday



One thought on “Yellow petticoat │ Doris Designs

  1. That dress is stunning and the petticoat is perfect for it! you look lovely as always! I will have to check Doris’s petticoats out, I have a very random assortment of petti’s that aren’t all that nice and I have dreams of a chiffon one like this!


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