Tutorial: Button brooches

Found an adorable button but you’ve only got one so you don’t know what to do with it? Button brooches are super cute and so easy to make! In a few quick and easy steps you can brighten up your outfits in no time and put those spare buttons to good use.

What you will need:

 – Brooch pins

 – Large buttons (and smaller ones if you want to do a layered brooch)

 – Needle and thread

 – Scissors

1. Place your brooch pin across the holes at the back of the button

2. Fold your thread in half, and put the end with two separate strands (not the loop end) through the needle. From the back of the button, take your needle through the button hole and come back through the other side making a stitch. Don’t pull the thread through all the way though – as shown in the second picture, make a knot with the thread through the loop end. This will keep the thread in place. Then pull it tight, and you should end up with something similar to the second picture.

3. Now that your thread is secured, keep criss-crossing your stitches to hold the brooch in place. The two pictures below show you what the back and front of the button should look like when you’ve done enough stitching.

4. Finish your brooch off by knotting the thread and the back a couple of times and snipping off the end.

Next, a layered button brooch. This follows the same steps as above, except I’ve used a couple of different buttons which you just stitch through at the same time:

Once again, keep stitching the buttons and brooch pin together until they are nice and secure, and then knot off the thread to secure it.

And there you go! In no time at all you’ve got two cute new brooches to wear.

Do you have any quirky buttons that can be turned into button brooches? I’d love to see your creations!

Miss Hero Holliday


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