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The Erstwilder team has just hit us with another Fan Favourites collection and it be their biggest faves release yet! There’s 20 pieces to choose from, including two 3-piece sets for all the matchy-matchy goodness. Whether you’re into the ocean, road tripping, animals, or love a cup of tea, you’re bound to find a favourite amongst the Favourites! Click below to see mine.

Around the World brooch

The Around the World brooch is so whimsical! It features a rainbow of pastel resins with a glittery layer over the top that’s different on each piece, making each one unique. There’s also a matching earrings and necklace available if you want to complete the set. This piece takes its name from the book Around the World in 80 Days, and though the iconic symbol was only actually used briefly in the novel, by balloon would sure be a great way to see the world!

Slippin’ Under brooch

I love the variety of textures used through this collection, and one of the best examples is the Slippin’ Under brooch – also available in necklace and earring form! This beauty combines all different shades of green in a variety of marbled and textured resins to create a pieces that are each as distinct as jellyfish in the wild. Did you know that jellyfish have been around longer than dinosaurs? It can also squirt water from its mouth to propel itself forward!

Babette Bee brooch

I was definitely buzzing when I saw Babette Bee! In a classic eye-catching black and yellow colour combo with extra glittery wings, this original Louisa Camille design is not to be missed. Bumblebees tend to flap their wings at a similar RPM to some motorcycle engines – that’s about 200 times a second! They also use their wings to cool down their hive if it gets too hot, trying to keep it at their preferred temperature of exactly 30 degrees Celsius.

Rosy Lee brooch

There’s few things more comforting than tea, and if it comes in an adorable pot and cup set then that’s even better! Rosy Lee is a popular piece already onto its third recolour, this time a chic white version with glittery red hearts on the side. As I type there’s already been 91,149,344 cups of tea consumed in the UK today, and counting! Also, even though there are many types of tea they all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis – they get their different natures through the way the leaves are treated when harvested.

Marc the Maltese brooch

Marc the Maltese is the sweetest pupper with an enormous moustache! This all-white chap is made from textured resin, and he’s got the cutest big eyes and a dapper red bow tie. Through history Maltese dogs have been given numerous names, like ‘The Roman Ladies Dog’ and ‘The Comforter’. They were even mentioned by Aristotle in his writings!

As always, thank you so much to team Erstwilder for letting my pick my faves from this collection, and thank you to @cmjsnz for these snaps. Have any of your favourites made a comeback in this collection? Let me know in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday



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