Art Deco│Erstwilder

The latest Erstwilder release takes us back to the roaring 20s! The flapper look was on-trend, jazz couldn’t be more cool, and surrealism was just taking off. And what better way to celebrate all that elegance and innovation than with the Art Deco range! This is a big collection (it even got its own launch party!), covering a whopping 20 pieces including two 3-piece sets. I personally fell in love with some of the most glitzy pieces – see my picks below!

Manhattan Monument brooch

After having the grandest time in New York earlier this year, I couldn’t go past Manhattan Monument! Based on the iconic Chrysler building, this piece features marbled resin with royal blue windows, and it perfectly captures the design of the real thing. At 319m, it was the tallest building in the world for a whole 11 months before the Empire State building came along!

The Avant-Garde brooch

This lady is living her sparkly glamour fantasy! The Avant-Garde is perhaps the most glittery piece in this collection, with a dazzling gold headpiece, dress, and shawl. I love how her dress has been crafted in a different texture of glitter to her accessories! An avant-garde is known for pushing the boundaries of mainstream society, and I think this glamazon does just that!

Friesian Fancy brooch

Another sparkly number, Friesian Fancy is a classic design that caught my eye. With a body dusted with sparkles and a glittery mane and tail, this filly is a chic addition to any outfit. Friesian horses are named after the town they hail from in the Netherlands, and they’re often used for dressage or as carriage horses due to their gracefulness.

A big thank you to the amazing Erstwilder team for sending me these gorgeous pieces, and to @cmjsnz for taking my picture! Did you manage to get your faves from this release? Let me know what you love about this collection in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday



One thought on “Art Deco│Erstwilder

  1. I know we already talked about this but I think it’s really unfair of you to flaunt these 3 dresses in front of me as I missed getting all of these and it pains me daily. LOL jk. That aside, I think it’s fantastic that you now have a brooch to remind you of your NYC trip!!


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