Margaret dress [Golden Rod]│Karina Dresses

We’ve had a little taste of spring over the last couple of weeks in London and I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty exciting! I know, I know – any seasoned Londoner will tell me it’s “fool’s spring”, but a girl can dream and even get out a summery dress when the temperatures are pushing 20 degrees C right? Well while we’re in this ‘hotspot’ the new Karina Dresses collection has dropped at just the right time! ‘Mid-Century Modern’ is a burst of bright yellows, blues, and polka dots, and gives us some more gorgeous signature prints to add to the collection. The Margaret dress in golden rod print was calling my name (I mean of course, it’s yellow!) and it’s just as bold in person as it looks onscreen. See more below!

Yellow dresses will forever have my heart, so I’ll admit I emitted a “squee!” when I spotted the golden rod print in the Karina Dresses lookbook! It is the best shade of yellow, a bright golden tone that is the true epitome of sunshine. I adore this new signature print too, it features black and white detailing that I first thought was a kind of atomic print and then on closer inspection could be abstract flowers – either way I’m loving it! I am always raving about the Margaret dress, but if you love the golden rod print as much as me and want to try a different style you’ve got Megan, Naomi, Nora, and Ruby to choose from!

Full outfit details:

Margaret dress in golden rod print – c/o Karina Dresses

Hair scarf & necklace – vintage

Heels – BAIT Footwear

A big thank you to the Karina Dresses team for this collab, and congratulations on another amazing collection! Remember you can get 15% off if it’s your first KD purchase, if you are on the homepage or go to leave there should be a little window that pops up allowing you to do just that. And thank you to @cmjsnz for these photos taken just before sunset!

Miss Hero Holliday



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