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Erstwilder are great listeners – every few months they take on board your suggestions and bring back some favourites in all new colours and textures, and they’ve delivered again with the new Fan Favourites release! If you missed out on a popular design the first time or you’ve been hankering for a new colourway of your most-loved brooch, this is the collection for you. Included in the 14-piece strong collection are some furry friends and sea-faring brooches, amongst others! Check out my personal faves below.

Puss in Books brooch

Curled up with her favourite book and cutest reading glasses, it’s Puss in Books! This brooch immediately spoke to me, as my own cat Mystee is grey, and I was head librarian (so quite a book nerd!) in high school and then worked part time at the library through uni – so it’s lots of things I love rolled up into one. And as someone who’s short-sighted I totally admire those red glittery specs, they’re too cool!

Ula the Unicorn brooch

Ula the Unicorn is a long-time favourite of mine! Her previous incarnations in mint and purple were some of my first Erstwilder brooches, because what’s more fun to wear than a unicorn brooch?! This time she’s back in resplendent white glitter, with a magical rainbow horn and magenta mane and tail. This mythical creature sure does sparkle!

Winston the Westie brooch

Doesn’t this cutie have the sweetest face? Winston the Westie is such an adorable pooch, and his textured white coat will match with just about anything in your wardrobe. Fun fact: even though West Highland terriers have a big bark, it’s definitely worse than their bite! They’ll alert you to things but really they’re more keen to make friends than be a guard dog.

Thank you so much to the Erstwilder team for these lovely brooches, and to @cmjsnz for taking these pics! Did Erstwilder bring back your faves this time around? Let me know in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday



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