South American Socialites [part 2]│Erstwilder

Continuing on from my last Erstwilder post (catch up here), I’m bringing you the second half of the new South American Socialites collection! Here we have birds, rodents large and small, and even a fish that’s not a fish. Intrigued? Read on to find out more!

Chaz the Chinchilla brooch

Chaz the Chinchilla is ready to par-tay! He’s resplendent in bright purple, with soft pink ears and a glittery tail. And you can’t miss his great party hat with green stars on it! Chinchillas are actually very agile, using their tail for balance as they climb. They can also jump from up to 6 feet!

Sara the Capybara brooch

Dressed for a wintery day, Sara the Capybara is here to explore! She’s got her pink scarf and glittery yellow and green rain boots on  – too cute! Sara is the sweetest shade of lilac, and her hand-painted expression is so serene. Capybaras spend a lot of time in the water as they’re semi-aquatic, so Sara’s rain boots are a very sensible idea! Because of this they also have webbed feet, and their ears can fold in to keep water out.

Alex the Axolotl brooch

Though wild axolotls can only be found in one place (Lake Xochimilco in Mexico), Alex the Axolotl can be found wherever you want to pin him! He’s such a bold shade of red, and partly glittery. Plus how awesome are his purple glasses? Axolotls are pretty special creatures – they can regenerate almost any part of their body, even being able to release limbs to get away from predators!

Corey the Macaw brooch

Look at the detail that’s gone into Corey the Macaw! He’s handpainted all over, from his baseball cap to his high tops. And his bright blue and golden yellow sparkly feathers are so eye-catching! Though to us it looks like macaws stand out, their vivid feathers fit in perfectly with the colourful Amazon jungle. And if you look closely you’ll see that every macaw’s facial feathers are unique!

Francie the Flamingo brooch

Flamingos must be popular at Erstwilder HQ, as Francie the Flamingo joins a long line-up of these beautiful pink birds that have taken resin form! This queen of the birds is sporting a glittering gold crown, atop her head of pink feathers. Flamingos get their distinctive colouring by eating crustaceans and plankton; so if you see flamingos turning white (usually at the zoo), you know they’re on the wrong diet. Also, where we think their knees are is actually their ankles! And if you find a plastic lawn flamingo, rescue it – they’re now considered an endangered art form.

Tabitha the Tapir brooch

All ready for a posh day out, Tabitha the Tapir is rocking her pearls and dainty hair bow! Her chic black and white colouring will be sure to make a statement pinned to your front. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of tapirs before I met Tabitha! When they’re born, tapir calves have dappled markings which are great camoflague – then somehow they morph into the solid colour-blocking as shown on Tabitha, who’s based on the Malayan tapir. And their noses are multi-purpose; they can be used to grab leaves or as a snorkel when swimming!

Thank you so much again to Erstwilder for this massive opportunity to photograph this range, @cmjsnz and I have been so honoured! Let me know which are your favourites in the comments below.

Miss Hero Holliday


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