Erstwilder is a proudly Australian brand, with a history of putting their quirky spin on Aussie icons and turning them into brooches. And they’ve done it again with their latest Australiana collection, bringing you nine brand new designs straight from the land down under! Whether you’re a fan of a cute critter like the antechinus, or prefer to walk on the wild side with the frilled lizard, there’s something in there for everyone. Check out my favourites after the jump!

Royal Reeler Kingfisher brooch

The kingfisher is instantly recognisable, with his bright blue feathers and orange belly – just like the Royal Reeler! This cutie is resplendent in marbled blue, perched ready to swoop down and nab an insect or small fish for dinner. And let’s take a moment to admire that strong-looking beak – the Royal Reeler definitely has a most noble profile!


Bouncing Botanical Flower brooch

The Bouncing Botanical brooch depicts Anigozanthos manglesii, more commonly known as a Kangaroo Paw plant of the red and green variety. This is a unique, and of course beautiful, Western Australian native and emblem. The marbled and textured resins of the brooch perfectly show off the curved green flowers and little yellow claws, nature’s depictions of the kangaroo paws that gave it its name!


Pot-Belly Patrick Wombat brooch

Easily mistaken for a cuddly teddy bear, this sweet little creature is actually a wombat! Pot-Belly Patrick is showing off his powerful claws used for digging burrows, his luscious golden brown fur, and his adorable button nose. Learning that a group of wombats can be known as a ‘wisdom’, it’s easy to see why this guy has a strong air of intelligence about him!


As always thank you to the Erstwilder team for letting me a part of another fabulous launch, and to @cmjsnz for these pictures! Have you bought some Australiana pieces yet? Let me know what you got in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday



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