Treasure Island│Erstwilder x Dangerfield

What happens when two amazing brands get together? Magic, of course! Erstwilder and Dangerfield have reunited (and it feels so good) after the success of their range of socks to bring you a piratical adventure – in brooch form! The Treasure Island collection includes seven brooches (one for each of the seven seas, perhaps?) based on original Dangerfield fashion illustrations rendered in resin. Note this collection can be purchased online via Erstwilder or Dangerfield, as well as in person at Dangerfield stores. Read on to find out my faves and see how I’ve styled them below!

La Concorde brooch

Erstwilder’s take on the classic pirate boat is the La Concorde brooch! This ship has been created using a mixture of white marble, yellow glitter, and solid red resins, topped off with the classic Jolly Roger flag. La Concorde is sailing across some swirly bright blue sea, and the 3D effect of this brooch is brilliant!

Anne Bunny brooch

Anne Bunny sure is one tough cookie! From her eye patch and red bandana to her stripy tee, this gal’s definitely dressed for traditional pirate activities like plundering and pillaging.  And did you notice the glittering carrots across her front? They’re no skull and crossbones but they’re a great precaution against scurvy!

Feline First Mate brooch

I think I’d feel pretty safe with a cat in charge of the deck – with their aversion to water they’d never let the ship sink! The Feline First Mate brooch features a distinguished grey and white puss decked out in a gold necklace and red hook and hat (complete with a fishbone design, naturally). This artful representation of a pirate kitty looks like it could be taken straight from a portrait hanging in the captain’s office!

One of Dangerfield’s new arrivals that is a perfect match for these Erstwilder pieces is the Bunnies and Ghostship dress, that I chose to pair with the La Concorde brooch. I love how different this 100% cotton print is, with its border of bunnies watching those spooky ghost ships coming towards them. I’m wearing a size AU6 and it fits me dreamily. And it has pockets!

Thank you to the ever-incredible team at the powerhouse that is Erstwilder, and to the darling Dangerfield team for giving me the choice of their new arrivals. And of course thank you to @cmjsnz for these pics snapped in St Kevin’s Arcade. Let me know which pieces are your favourites and which Dangerfield items you want to pair them with in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday




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