Charming charm bracelets [part 2]│Blackberry Designs

I first gave you a little peek into the world of Blackberry Designs a couple of weeks ago, showing off some of owner and designer Dea’s amazing creations with London as my backdrop. This week I’ve got more to show you, as I demonstrate once again how well these charm bracelets harking back to the 1940s go with vintage and vintage-inspired fashions. See more of these incredible pieces below!

The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic, and so of course it calls for a charm bracelet to be made in its honour! This bracelet references all of the main characters and plot points in the story, with a whopping 15 different silver charms featuring the Tin Man, the castle, the house, and more. These are interspersed with pictures of scenes from the book in a teal-themed colour scheme, complimented by matching Swarovski crystals. This Wizard of Oz themed bracelet is truly such a delight! All of those images and characters instantly bring back fond childhood memories of watching the film and reading the book, and have me itching to do it again!



If you’re an Oz fan but aren’t after the full charm experience, then perhaps the There’s No Place Like Home bracelet is for you. This is a simpler design featuring a double stainless steel chain closing with a toggle clasp, with triangles of red crystals either side. The charms are attached to the clasp only, and there is a selection of the ruby slippers (of course), a silver rainbow charm, a picture charm, and a laser engraved charm. This bracelet is such a sweet design and the red and silver colouring goes together so well.



How wonderful is this pin-up themed charm bracelet? Dea is hugely inspired by 1940s style in her designs, and here is one that really embodies that. Images featuring cheeky 40s pinups are scattered around this bracelet, and the theme is upheld by delicate silver charms such as a corset, a fan, a perfume bottle, even a lady in a martini glass! The crystals in pink and black echo the colours in the images and tie the whole bracelet together. This is a charm bracelet that is so full of fun and the perfect gift for the pin-up or girly girl in your life!



Are you a music nerd? If so then you need this bracelet! The I Love Music charm bracelet is made up of an unadorned stainless steel chain bracelet with a small grouping of charms attached at the toggle clasp. There are guitar and record charms, a laser engraved tag, and a heart with a lovely message of “Words make you think, music makes you feel, singing makes light out of the darkness” written inside. The colour scheme is monochrome, with a mixture of clear charms, stainless steel, and silver, making it easy to wear with almost any outfit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour through just a snippet of the Blackberry Designs collection. Thank you once again to the lovely Dea for this collaboration, and to @cmjsnz for these pictures taken around London, the last from our trip. Remember that you can follow Blackberry Designs on Facebook and Instagram to see all the latest designs. Which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Miss Hero Holliday



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