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It makes me so happy to be bringing another vintage piece to the blog! This plaid number made it’s maiden voyage (literally – more on that later) for this post and reminded me that I need to take it out again soon.

This is a true vintage party dress made by Mr Mort, a label founded in 1952 by Mortimer Goldman to produce, according to the Vintage Fashion Guild, ‘mid-priced but fashionable dresses’. I felt ready for a ball or at least cocktails in this dress so I can only wonder at what a dress in the high-price range looked like!

This Mr Mort dress is made of bright rayon taffeta, which gives it a really crisp and swishy feel. It’s a one-shoulder dress which I feel was more unusual for the time, and has an inbuilt petticoat to give volume to the full pleated skirt and matching tie belt. From the label I’ve been able to date this dress to the early 1960s, which seemed to be Mr Mort’s heyday. It also features one of my favourite things: pockets! It’s a rare treat to find them in a vintage dress, especially more of an evening style like this one.

The colour combo of purple, green and yellow seems odd on paper, but the bright shades in plaid form really work in this dress! I absolutely adore yellow and so my accessorising choice of a matching yellow necklace and heels was an easy one.

We all know what a thrill it is to find a deadstock vintage item, and this one delivers as it still has the original store tag from Gottschalks, a mid-tier American department store, attached. I bought this dress almost a year ago and it’s been hanging in my closet since, so I’m sure after all that time it’s been dying to be worn. As with a lot of vintage I was saving this for the perfect event, but I’ll be sure to give it a proper outing soon!

Full outfit details:

Dress – Kitty Girl Vintage

Necklace – vintage

Heels – BAIT Footwear

Thank you as always to @cmjsnz for these pics at Corban Estate, one of our favourite places to shoot. Look out for more Vintage Visions posts coming soon!

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