Ocean Vibes + Recoloured Classics│Erstwilder

If you’re a fan of Erstwilder I’m sure you’ll know all about the excitement each time they release a new collection – I know I do! This time I’m feeling beyond privileged to be sharing my favourites from their latest releases (Ocean Vibes + Recoloured Classics) with you today!

Seaside Manor brooch

I am a frequent wearer of yellow, every Sunshine Friday in fact without fail. So of course I couldn’t scroll past the gorgeous golden hue of the Seaside Manor brooch! There is such a great level of detail in this brooch, from the intricate staircases and windows to the little pink sea shell at the top of the castle. It takes me back to many a fun day spent at the beach building sandcastles of my own and it’s a perfect compliment to bright summer outfits.

Farrah the French Kitty brooch

Little Farrah is so Frenchy, so chic! In her blue and white striped scarf and red beret she is the epitome of a stylish kitty. I had missed out on Farrah the French Kitty in other colourways before so she has been a welcome addition to my brooch collection. Having studied French all through high school and even making the trip to Paris a couple of years ago I am passionate about all things French, so how could I resist Farrah? Especially with her adorable big eyes!

Senpai the Sensitive brooch

I often find myself choosing brooches that are a single colour as I confess I find them easiest to accessorise with, so I couldn’t go past the sweet Senpai the Sensitive. Senpai is a beautiful shade of pink and shines with Erstwilder’s classic pearly texture. Its little face does indeed look quite sensitive but I’m sure Senpai will be glad to have a friend in you! Is it super obvious that I’m a crazy cat lady, as two out of my three Erstwilder favourites are kitties?

* * * * *

Thank you so much to the fantastic team at Erstwilder HQ for letting me try out their designs and making it so hard to choose my favourites! Thank you as well to @cmjsnz for taking these snaps. As you can see below my own kitty wanted to get in on the Erstwilder action while we were shooting!

So what are your favourites from the new Erstwilder releases? Hopefully you have some in the post already!

Miss Hero Holliday



One thought on “Ocean Vibes + Recoloured Classics│Erstwilder

  1. The Seaside Manor brooch pairs so well with that outfit! I’m currently drooling over the Treasure Within brooch as I absolutely love pearls.

    I’ve only ever owned one brooch from Erstwilder, but I do notice I tend to lean more towards the solid colored ones since they’re so easy to style. Those cat brooches, though, are gaining my attention! What could be better than adorable cat accessories!

    xo, Helene


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