Twinning in Gatsbylady

I am beyond excited to be bringing more Gatsbylady goodness to the blog, especially as I got to twin with my good friend (and star photographer) Katherine for this shoot!

After being overwhelmed with choice over Gatsbylady’s recently released designs (check them out on their home page – so much pretty!) we decided to take things back to basics and twin in all-black dresses. I’m wearing the Glitz dress and Julia headband and Katherine is wearing the Downtown Abbey dress and Amelia headband. If you’re thinking that you don’t often see me wearing black, you’d be right. However I couldn’t resist the simple yet elegant design of the Glitz dress, and I’m all for trying something new – so here we are!

The Glitz dress features a V-neck in back and front, with an inbuilt attached slip. There is a detailed criss-cross of sequins outlined by beading at the front and at the neckline, flowing round to a diamond shape in the back. The hemline of the Glitz dress is zig-zagged with a beaded fringe that flicks as you walk. The dark hue of this dress gave me evening vibes, so I accessorised with my elbow-length mesh gloves and highest ribbon stilettos for some glamourous night-at-the-opera realness.

All sizes are currently available in the Glitz dress, which range from UK6 – UK30. I am wearing my usual UK6 in this style, and it fits really well. The straight style can be a bit daunting to wear however in keeping with the style of the 1920s the best fit is reasonably loose, so on your evening out you can actually eat without worrying! I have been trying to eat a lot healthier in the last few months after a winter of bad eating and my trip to the US left me heavier than I’d have liked, though as I carry weight around my stomach I am still a little conscious of that area. However when I put the Glitz dress on I was relieved to see how flattering it was, emphasising the curves I have while gliding over my tummy so that I felt comfortable and confident.

The Glitz dress is available to purchase through the Gatsbylady website for £89, and you can add the matching Julia headband for £19. They will ship internationally, and super fast too! Gatsbylady are constantly releasing amazing new creations, so I recommend following them on Instagram to see their latest news and footage from fashion weeks around the world. Their arsenal of accessories is also growing to cover everything you need for the perfect 1920s outfit, including these gorgeous shoes as well as bags, bracelets, and more!

My full outfit details:

Glitz dress and Julia headband – c/o Gatsbylady

Necklace & gloves – vintage

Heels – Mi Piaci

A huge thank you to Katherine and her partner Gareth from The Undefined Photography for these amazing photos taken at outside the Auckland Art Gallery. You can keep an eye on Katherine’s blog, The Wardrobe, for her review of the Downton Abbey dress coming soon. Thank you also as always to the wonderful Roj at Gatsbylady for this collaboration. I love how all our twinning photos turned out like album covers!

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6 thoughts on “Twinning in Gatsbylady

  1. Ahh! I opened this post and seeing you two ladies together made me smile. You are both KILLING it in these dresses! Va va VOOM! Wow! What a fun shoot to do – so sweet!


  2. The Glitz dress is so authentically 20’s and you gals look absolutely stunning in this style! Looks like I found my new website for roaring 20’s outfits!

    xo, Helene


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