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I’ve had lots of questions about the newly stocked Pleasant Peasant tops from Doll Me Up Inc, so I thought it was time for a blog post to let you lovelies know my experience with them. Read on for my thoughts on colours, quality, fit and price!

The colours & quality:

I was immediately struck by the huge range of colours that the Pleasant Peasant tops come in. I find it very hard to find tops at a reasonable price in the pinup style and in colours other than white or red (seriously, I have so many). I love to buy patterned skirts so that I can pick out all the different colours each time I wear them; usually I just do that with accessories so it’s great to be able to do that with the Pleasant Peasant tops now too!

The first batch of Pleasant Peasant tops at Doll Me Up came in red, yellow, royal blue, and white (of which I bought all), and then I could barely contain my excitement when the second batch came out and ended up buying them in the orange, hot pink, teal, kelly green, dark purple, magenta, and coral. I was so pleased to see that the colours are very true to the pictures on the Doll Me Up website. And they really do go with everything!

In terms of construction, they are made in the US from a 90% cotton/10% spandex blend by a brand called Sara USA. They have a little bit of stretch which means they’re great for wearing to work. I did notice a few loose threads hanging off some of them but I have had this from a number of internet purchases over the years and these were easy enough to snip off. Overall I felt that the quality was impressive, especially considering the low price point.

The fit:

The majority of the Pleasant Peasant tops come in sizes S to 3X, with the exceptions being only Yellow, White, and Royal Blue. I am usually a size XS but I went with a size S as this is the smallest available. There is quite a range in each of the sizes per the size chart; the S, for example, has a range of 32-40″ for the bust and 24-34″ for the waist, however do bear in mind that each size up overlaps with the one before it (ie the M caters to 34-42″ in the bust and 26-36″ in the waist). For reference my measurements are around 32″-24″; the waist fits perfectly and though in classic small-busted lady fashion I would have preferred the bust to be a little less roomy, I think (hope!) it’s not noticeable with the ruched style of the peasant top. The elastic is narrow and not too tight on me which makes it really comfortable, much preferred to tops with hard and tight elastic which can cut in especially around your arms. And of course I need to mention that there is elasticated ruching at the back! Combined with the wide neckline this means minimal to no risk of a dented ‘do when getting your Pleasant Peasant top on and off, especially if you can shimmy it up over your hips, and there’s no pesky zips! I also found that this meant it sits really well at the back as shown below.

The price:

The Pleasant Peasant tops retail for a very low $24.99USD each. Doll Me Up ship worldwide for very reasonable rates (I get the $8.99USD option to NZ) and they often have active coupons so you can get a further discount (until 31 October you can use the code RUFF to save 10% and Doll Me Up will donate 10% to Dames Dogs Animal Rescue). I feel the price is very reasonable for what is often a staple in any pinup’s wardrobe, and it means they’re cheap to replace if anything happens to them.

I matched the Pleasant Peasant tops with skirts from:

Pinup Girl Clothing


Miss Candyfloss

Pigtails and Pirates

Miss Hero Holliday



5 thoughts on “Review: Pleasant Peasant tops │ Doll Me Up Inc

  1. Seeing as the brand is called Sara, I clearly need to jump on this bandwagon! I have yet to try a peasant top but feel like for this price, I should order 1 or 2 to see what I think! Plus, you look so gorgeous in them! Thanks for the wonderful review and thought- they’re so useful!


  2. So great to know what companies ship to NZ and what their prices are. Thanks for shating your measurements and hw the tops fit you too, we are the same size!


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