Review: Gatsbylady Beatrice dress

Welcome to another fabulous Gatsbylady post, this time featuring the Beatrice dress! I love the chance to dress up in something so different to my everyday style, so it’s always exciting getting to put together a Gatsbylady review.

The Beatrice dress is a lovely deep purple plum colour; this inspired Katherine and I to go for a slightly darker feel to the shoot, and the run-down church she found complements this and the dress perfectly. It also features a V-neck at front and back and embellished cap sleeves. And can we just take a minute to talk about the beading?! This is my heaviest Gatsbylady dress yet because of the exquisite black and silver beading; they are carefully sewn art deco-style all over, as well as hanging as a fringe in a panel at the front and around the bottom of the dress – great for twirling and twisting in!

The dress comes in two pieces; the soft tulle beaded outer layer, and the slip which goes underneath. This is different to the other Gatsbylady dresses I have reviewed, which have the outer layer and the slip sewn together. This did mean that the slip wiggled its way off-centre at times during our shoot, but it was easy enough to get back in place and I know it would be simple to stitch it into the overlay if I really wanted to.

Gatsbylady sizing runs between UK4 and UK30, and the Beatrice dress is currently available in just over half of these sizes. I would usually wear a UK6, but that wasn’t available at the time this dress was sent so I am wearing a UK8 this time. I didn’t find any noticeable difference between the Beatrice and my other Gatsbylady dresses, and the website even notes that this style has no stretch, as opposed to the Art Deco dress (worn for my last Gatsbylady review in a UK6) which they do say streches by a size. So I’d say to stick to your usual size or even play it safe and size up if you’re ordering the Beatrice dress, especially as the flapper style is meant to be more of a looser fit anyway.

The Beatrice dress retails for £139 and is available through Gatsbylady’s website. This is at the high end of Gatsbylady’s price range, however the premium is due to the heavily embellished nature of the dress, which is not usually seen to that extent in their other styles. They also have a number of headbands and boleros to complete your outfit, and have introduced these stunning beaded handbags as well!

Full outfit details:

Dress (including slip) – c/o Gatsbylady

Hair clip & heels – thrifted

Necklace – vintage

Bag – vintage from A Patch of Antiquity

Thank you so much to Katherine from the Undefined Photography who as always has done such a wonderful job with these images! For her photography you can go here, and for her personal style blog  – The Wardrobe – you can go here. And thank you to the wonderful Gatsbylady for another fabulous collaboration!

Miss Hero Holliday


8 thoughts on “Review: Gatsbylady Beatrice dress

  1. I found you over on Instagram and had to stop by and see more of this look – BEAUTIFUL! And such a perfect location for a photo shoot. Initially it was the necklace that caught my attention, but the dress is just as amazing.
    I am doing a ‘dress inspiration’ round-up post over on my blog, and wondered if you would object to me using one of these pics. I will link back to your site, of course. 🙂


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