Vintage Visions: Purple hydrangea dress

I am so excited to be bringing you the second in my Vintage Visions series! After years of collecting vintage it’s time to put some of my finest pieces in front of the camera because they’re just too beautiful!

This purple hydrangea dress is one of my absolute favourite dresses in my wardrobe. I was lucky enough to be first to see this dress on the Ooh La La Vintage Swap & Sell page on Facebook and it happened right in the middle of my needing to add more purple to my wardrobe. It was right at the top of my budget but I’m sure you can understand that I couldn’t resist!

I adore hydrangeas – the little blossoms all clustered together, and those gorgeous purple-blue tones – and the fact that this dress had them in a border print with a matching belt made it the perfect vintage find. Oh and did I mention the pockets? How could I have gotten to the third paragraph without mentioning pockets?! It is always a delight to find pockets on a vintage dress!

And how lucky am I that my star photograper Katherine is also highly accomplished in fashion design and so made a hair flower to perfectly match my dress? It matches the blues and purples of the hydrangeas on the dress just right and even had glitter in it to match my shoes! Katherine has even made this available to buy online through her Etsy shop here!

This dress came from the divine Zoe, a fellow OLL favourite of mine with a penchant for the most incredible floral dresses. Every time I manage to scoop up one of hers I am ecstatic and I’ve built a mini-collection of her wardrobe now! I hope to get some more of them on the blog soon, and you can see more of Zoe’s own collection over on Instagram.

Since I bought this dress I have also seen a number of other dresses for sale in the same print but different styles, all from different vintage dealers. I always assume that when I see an amazing vintage print that it will be the only time I’ll see it, but isn’t it funny when you see a similar (or even the same) dress pop up? It always makes me pleased that there’s another vintage lady out there who gets to enjoy such a great print!

Full outfit details:

Hair flower – The Wardrobe Shop on Etsy

Petticoats – Vivien of Holloway and Hell Bunny

Heels – BAIT Footwear

Thank you so much to Katherine from the Undefined Photography for another wonderful shoot! As always, you can check her photography out here, and she also has a personal style blog you can see here.

Miss Hero Holliday



10 thoughts on “Vintage Visions: Purple hydrangea dress

    1. Thank you doll! I think this is my favourite shoot yet! PS seeing you looking amazing in that banana dress has been on my mind since you posted it, then at 12am last night I decided I had to have it and bought the matching bolero too! So thank you so introducing me to another fruit print! xxx


  1. Oh my, stunning and beautiful and so pretty!! Everything is gorgeous. What a wonderful vintage find, worth every cent I am sure.


  2. I just discovered your beautiful blog and have to say that I really love your style!
    This outfit is amazing and suits you so well.

    Man hugs,
    Sandra ❤


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