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A Little Bit of Paris

In today’s post I’m featuring A Little Bit of Paris – in particular, some lovely hair wraps and hair flowers.
A Little Bit of Paris is run by Melissa Burns, a lover of vintage (especially 1940s and 50s) fashion. She started off 17 years ago making figure skating dresses for herself and her brother to wear in their competitions, and went on to custom-make costumes for other figures skaters too.
Melissa now lives in Hawaii and although she is no longer figure skating, she now gains inspiration from the beautiful Hawaiian print fabrics and tropical flowers that the women of Hawaii wear. She now perfectly combines her love of vintage fashion and Hawaiian fabrics in her creations showcased in A Little Bit of Paris, as you can see from the items featured here!
 Melissa was lovely enough to send me three double hair flowers, and four hair wraps. She knew I love bright colours and bold patterns, and she delivered! Both the flowers and the hair wraps are so bright and summery, and have me longing for warmer days again! I love how each set of flowers features at least two colours, and the hair wraps are beautifully patterned, meaning they’ll go perfectly with a host of summer outfits.
The hair wraps are 42″ long by 3.5″ wide, so they can be tied any way you choose. You can probably see that I’ve folded mine in half to get around my hair, but they’d also be great to wear at their full width wrapped around a beehive! They’re made with superb crafts(wo)manship, and because they’re cotton you know they’ll wash and wear really well. And of course, the prints are amazing and so vibrant – and there’s so many to choose from!

 The hair flowers are the perfect size; big enough to be a statement, but not so big as to overshadow your ‘do. The double blooms really complement each other, and they securely fasen into your hair with an alligator clip. They also look and feel really, well, real!

You can purchase Melissa’s hair flowers and hair wraps through Etsy, and yes she ships internationally! As well as creating hair wraps and hair flowers, Melissa also features her custom-made sugar cookies (which she has made for over 17 years – yum!), cards, skirts, bags, and so much more in her Etsy store. You can also follow A Little Bit of Paris on Instagram to keep up to date! Melissa’s main upcoming project is to put more fashion into the shop, including handmade retro styles as well as more true vintage pieces.

And why ‘A Little Bit of Paris’ you may ask? Melissa has always had a love for Paris and all things French, and so that’s another major source of inspiration for her. She likes to keep the Parisian theme especially through her home decor creations, such as these sweet embroidered Eiffel Tower napkins – swoon!
Thank you so much to Melissa for suggesting this wonderful collaboration, and to @cmjsnz for the photos!
Miss Hero Holliday

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