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Petticoat Programme Part 4: Maintenance

Here it is, the final part (for now, at least) of my Petticoat Programme! In Part 4 I’ll be covering petticoat maintenace; how you keep them clean, whether you can put them in the washing machine, how to keep maximum poofiness, etc. You can find Part 1: Where to Buy here, Part 2: The Review here, and Part 3: Storage here.

Now I don’t know about you ladies but I wear petticoats everyday, as long as I’m leaving the house. I kept adding petticoats to my collection mostly to spread the wear because I had NO idea how to clean them. But I’ve been doing some investigationing, and so I now have some petticoat maintenance tricks to share with you.

1. Airing out

Hanging your petticoats out on the washing line or outside on a hanger will freshen them up. Letting them swish in the breeze for a few hours will get them smelling clean again – and this is also a great way to get rid of most odours in more pungent vintage clothing.

2. Avoidance

This doesn’t mean don’t wear your petticoat; instead, utilise ways that will minimise the need to actually put in it water. If you’re going to an event, take your petticoat to put on when you get there (if that works out) as driving with it on isn’t ideal. If you’re dancing in your petticoat and are at risk of perspiring (heaven forbid!), tuck your top or shapewear in between your skin and the waistband of your petticoat, as the waistband is the part that’s most likely to get dirty. Wear a slip underneath your petticoat so you have something easier to wash that’s in contact with your skin. All of these tricks will mean you can keep delaying the dreaded…

3. Wash

I don’t recommend attempting this unless you absolutely have to. I have had a few items of clothing rip in the washing machine, so I feel like a delicate petticoat wouldn’t fare too well on a spin cycle. If you’re going to put it in the machine, make sure it’s on a gentle or delicate cycle. But otherwise I would opt for either just washing the waistband by hand (as this gets the dirtiest), or handwashing the whole petticoat gently in the sink or bath and then letting it airdry.

4. Refluff

Putting it in your dryer on the gentle fluffing cycle for a few minutes will help to fresh up the fluff of your petticoat. Where more serious refluffing is required there is the option of starch, however with most modern petticoats available being made of soft chiffon then the starch may make the petticoat less swishy than you would like.

5. Add some colour

Bought a white petticoat that’s now turning a little grey but still has some life left in it? You can dye it! Make sure you use a dye that will work on nylon (like Rit Fabric Dye pictured above) and viola – it’s like a brand new petticoat!

I hope that’s given you some ideas for keeping your petticoats fresh! If you have any more petticoat maintenace tips that work for you then I’d love to hear them, and please let me know if you’d like to see any more about petticoats in the future.

Miss Hero Holliday



2 thoughts on “Petticoat Programme Part 4: Maintenance

  1. You have NO IDEA how much this series has helped me! I’ve just started making the transition to swing dress and petticoats and this info was invaluable to me in my quest for all the cute clothes. Even if I live in the states.


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