Tutorial: Faux Poodle Hair Do

Though I haven’t yet mastered a real poodle hairstyle (those loose curls in temperamental weather scare me!), I have found a favourite in this faux poodle ‘do that you may have seen me rocking on Instagram. It’s quick and easy, and perfect for hot summer days!

For this style you will need:

 – Your normal hair brush

 – A boar bristle brush

 – A rat tail brush/comb

 – Some kind of anti-frizz oil/pomade (optional)

 – Bobby pins

 – Hair spray

 – Hair dryer

 – A flower to decorate (I got mine from Daisy Jean Floral)

And here is the video:

I love this style because it gets easier each time you do it until it becomes such a quick hair fix. It definitely doesn’t have to be perfect; even if your curls aren’t quite even or you’re short on time, trust me saying that it will still look great 🙂 And as always, I love to see your successes and hear your questions, so please comment below or tag me on Instagram with them!

 Miss Hero Holliday



5 thoughts on “Tutorial: Faux Poodle Hair Do

  1. Is that a Kiwi accent? Also your hair is so pretty and I wish I had your amazing ability to do your hair!


    1. My hair is fine but there’s a reasonable amount of it, if that makes sense? So for your hair I would recommend giving it a go at least a couple of days after washing your hair, as that will help to hold the style. You may need to put 2 pins in at each curl instead of one. I hope it works for you! ❤


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