Review: BAIT Footwear Ione Heels

As you may know, I wear a LOT of colours. And of course I need shoes to match my outfit, right? Well thank goodness for BAIT Footwear! These darlings create a range of cute and comfortable styles in a true rainbow of colours, so much so that their website (and Instagram feed!) is like looking through a candy wonderland.

I have seen a number of lovely ladies rocking BAIT’s Ida heels, however because I have narrow feet I had been worried I would slide right out of them. Thankfully the Ione heel exists; just like the Ida, but with a T-bar strap to hold your feet in. Perfect!

The Ione heel comes in a wide range of colours. I own pairs in Pretty Pink, Marigold Yellow, and Lilac, but they also come in Dusty Blue, Mint, Black, Precious Blue, Fairy Pink, Red, Yellow, and Wine. Phew! So there’s colours to match with just about anything. I did note that my Pretty Pink pair is a patent style while the Marigold Yellow and Lilac pairs are matte, but this doesn’t bother me. I will note that the Lilac is more of a red-based purple, but I know that BAIT are bringing out a blue-based Lavender pair very soon!

With BAIT Footwear the rule is generally that if a style has a pointed toe you size up half a size; with round toe styles they run true to size. That being said, I got my usual size in the Ione (US 6.5) and I have found them really comfortable, especially the more I wear them. I believe that as you go higher up the sizes the more likely you are to need to size up though, especially if you have a wider foot. My feet are very narrow so that’s probably why I am fine with my usual size. And I love how the T-bars hold my feet in place securely!

The Ione has a very low heel, just under 2″, so these beauties are wonderfully comfortable if you are walking around a lot or on your feet all day. The heel is fairly chunky which is a plus! They also have a fairly cushion-y insole for added comfort.

I love that the colours are so vibrant and go with so many things in my wardrobe! I got mine towards the end of winter when I still got a lot of use out of them, but I am definitely thrashing them even more now that it’s summer here as they are a great accompaniment to a bright summer dress! However one thing I will note is, like any colourful footwear, they will scuff easily if you’re not careful! I have found that the main risk area is going up outdoor steps so I’m very careful of the toes when I do this. All three of my pairs have got tiny scuffs on the toes but this happened the first time I wore each of them and now that I’ve got it out of the way and become more careful it hasn’t happened again and they’re hardly noticeable.

The Ione comes in half sizes between US 6 – US 9 and you can buy them directly through the BAIT Footwear website for $67 USD. International delivery is fairly pricey, but it’s set at a flat rate and considering they are large parcels and arrive within a week it’s worth it! The Ione is a fun, good quality, vegan-friendly heel which can easily brighten up your wardrobe or complete an outfit for a very reasonable price. So which colour is on your wishlist?

Miss Hero Holliday



4 thoughts on “Review: BAIT Footwear Ione Heels

  1. Thanks for your review! I really want to give b.a.i.t. another try, as so many of their shoes look amazing and are vegan. I had ordered the Roberta mary janes, going up a half size as suggested since my feet are a bit wide, and they were HUGE! I almost think they would have been a bit too large if I went with my normal size (a true US 8.5). And I wish the toe was even more rounded. The search continues to replace my worn out low-heel round toe mary janes. I just can’t seem to find a pair that I love!


    1. You’re very welcome! That’s a shame about the Roberta’s though, I find that even when a lot of people have reviewed and say one thing about a style like that it runs big or small, sometimes that’s not always the case! If you have narrow feet then that might be why they were too big. I am going to review more BAIT styles soon though so hopefully that might help you out! 🙂 xxx


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